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Tik-Tok: Tik-Tok Donates $3 Million Towards Feeding Kids Affected By School Closures


David Mudd

Tik-Tok Donates $3 Million: Tik-Tok is doing its part to ensure that children don’t go hungry as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. They are donating $3 million to the After-School All-Stars charity to accomplish this goal. If that charity sounds somewhat familiar, there’s a reason. Its founder is none other than action star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tik-Tok’s Huge Donation

The coronavirus crisis has led to the closure of many public spaces. These include movie theatres, workplaces and schools, too. However, quite a few poor families depend on the meals that these schools provide for free to feed their children. Tik-Tok’s donation should help ease the burden that many must be feeling due to their closure.

Tik-Tok Donates $3 Million

Tik-Tok’s general manager, Vanessa Pappas, gave out the following statement regarding this donation. “We are all operating in uncertain times, and it’s more important now than ever before for both our local and global communities to come together to help those in need.”

“This pledge to ASAS will help more students get access to meals, safely provided to them, during this crisis. While this alone won’t mitigate the impact of the current situation, we hope it can relieve one worry for parents who are balancing social distancing mandates, work and caring for children who can no longer go to school each day.”

How It Will Help Poor Families? (Tik-Tok Donates $3 Million)

This donation will help the charity provide food vouchers and gift cards to these families. They can then redeem these vouchers to stock up on groceries, medicine and other such essentials. Food Land, Kroger, Giant, Publix, Ralphs, Safeway, Walmart and Target all accept these vouchers. This should ensure that there are plenty of options for the people to whom these benefits will be delivered.

After-School All-Stars provides its services to people in about 60 cities across the United States. Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, D.C. and Seattle are just some of them.

Tik-Tok Donates $3 Million

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Schwarzenegger’s Advice To Deal With This Crisis (Tik-Tok Donates $3 Million)

Schwarzenegger himself gave his two cents about how to deal with this crisis. “During a crisis, improvisation is critical and everyone has to look at new ways to help the most vulnerable,” he said. “The After-School All-Stars programs are paused with schools closed, but we remain committed to supporting the 100,000 families we work with year-round.”

“When I founded After-School All-Stars in 1992, the goal was always to support the families who need it the most. I’m grateful to TikTok for their donation which allows us to shift our priorities so our team can safely deliver groceries and gift cards for groceries to the families we help.”

Tik-Tok Donates $3 Million

The Terminator star has been entertaining his fans on social media throughout this crisis. His videos with his pet animals, Whisky and Lulu have been particularly delightful.