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Tiger King: The New Netflix Documentary series’ Review- “Craziest Show Ever”


David Mudd

While you sit in your houses in quarantine, you may get bored watching the same drama shows again and again. However, here is one whacky documentary series that is taking over the world. Here is what we and the world thinks about Tiger King on Netflix.

Tiger King: What Is The Show About?

Tiger King is a true-crime documentary series on Netflix. It follows the lives of the Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. While Joe is a zoo and tiger owner, Carol is an animal activist. The series highlights the feud between the two relating to animal abuse and ownership of wild animals in big cities.

Tiger King

Joe Exotic allegedly owned a private zoo in the past. The 16-acre zoo was infamous for many things. Therefore, Joe has been accused of abuse the animals under his ownership there. However, the most shocking fact is that Joe bred tigers to produce cubs which he would use to attract visitors to click pictures with.

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Tiger King: The Craziest Show Ever? Yes!

People are calling Tiger King the craziest show ever. And rightly so because the show just goes into a weird pit of dark, crazy and mind-boggling themes. The couple who investigates the allegations on Joe Exotic come across some odd stuff.

They come face to face with a murder-for-hire, sending chills up everyone’s spine. They unveil the industry of private ownership of big cats and other wild animals. The pair also trips onto a cult! Yes, a cult that devotes its practices to exotic animals. Moreover, they investigate rumours about a billionaire becoming cat food.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for crazy, then crazy comes knocking to your doors with Tiger King. Along with dark truths, the series also plays with your mind in a way that is cynical yet so crazy.

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 What People And Celebs Are Saying

People are going crazy over this crazy series. Yes, we are overusing the word crazy here, but there is no more straightforward way of putting it. Fans of crazy Documentaries are already calling Tiger King the craziest, most bonkers thing they have ever seen. And these are the people who have watched docuseries like the Ted Bundy Tapes.

Even celebrities are praising the show! Game Of Thrones actress Nathalie Emmanuel calls the show “IT. IS. CRAZY!”. She calls the big cat people as crazy as a box of frogs.

Even Kim Kardashian talks about it on twitter. Calling it crazy. Again.

Therefore, it seems that Tiger King is claiming the throne for being the craziest documentary series on Netflix. However, if reading about the craziness of the series is generating curiosity in you, then you should surely give it a try!

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