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What Are The Problems With Tiffany Valiante Death In Netflix Series?

Numerous issues exist with the official investigators’ assumption that Tiffany Valiante death in Unsolved Mysteries was a suicide. The popular young athlete was struck by a train on the evening of July 12, 2015, about four miles from her home in Galloway Township, New Jersey, according to the Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 premiere episode, “Mystery at Mile Marker 45.” The New Jersey Transit Police’s inquiry led to the conclusion that Valiante committed herself, but her family has said they believe she was killed and feel the investigation was hurried.

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The episode “Mystery at Mile Marker 45” mainly relies on the opinions of the Valiante family and the independent investigators who disagree with the New Jersey Transit Police’s conclusion because the original investigators declined to be interviewed for Unsolved Mysteries volume 3. The suicide argument ignores some of the physical evidence found by the medical examiner in addition to calling for Tiffany Valiante to act in an improbable and unusual manner. The veracity of the eyewitness tales of Tiffany Valiante’s untimely demise is also called into question.

Mile Marker 45

One of the most puzzling puzzles raised by the Netflix true-crime series Unsolved Mysteries is how Tiffany Valiante arrived at the location of her death, which is near the mile 45 sign along the local railroad tracks. Ignoring the Valiante family’s concerns about the idea that Tiffany may have been suicidal, the New Jersey Transit Police’s basic explanation seems dubious. According to a Harvard School of Public Health statistics research from 2014, most suicide fatalities take place at home and use less spectacular techniques than being hit by a moving train.

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The Valiante family discusses the remote area in detail in Unsolved Mysteries’ investigation into the true story of Tiffany Valiante’s death, describing it as “desolate” and “creepy.” Nestled between the train line and the White Horse Pike freeway to Atlantic City, there would be considerable background noise capable of muffling a murder. It is the belief of the Valiante family that the site was chosen for that reason, and that either Tiffany’s body was abandoned on the train tracks or that she fled there after being assaulted.

Tiffany Valiante Clothes

The fact that Tiffany Valiante was only wearing underpants when she died adds to the case’s strangeness. Nearly two miles from the scene of her death, her relatives later found her headband and shoes. The investigators arrived at the conclusion that Tiffany Valiante must have disrobed during her stroll through the woods and completed the last portion of her journey barefoot along the railroad tracks.

Tiffany Valiantine Death

The Tiffany Valiante murder theory, which the Valiante family prefers to describe Tiffany’s passing, would appear to be supported by this evidence at first glance. Prior to the medical examiner performing a comprehensive autopsy, Tiffany’s body was cremated, and there was no use of a rape kit to look for traces of a sexual assault before Tiffany passed away. Tiffany’s remaining garments ought to have been found in the same location, assuming Tiffany really did decide to suddenly take her clothes off, as suggested by the investigator’s theory. The shorts and shirt Tiffany was sporting earlier in the evening, as stated by Tiffany’s mother Dianne Valiante in the Unsolved Mysteries episode “Mystery at Mile Marker 45,” has never been located.

 Uninjured Feet At The Time of Tiffany Valiante Death

The train that struck Tiffany Valiante caused severe injuries to her body and appeared to have severed all four of her limbs from her torso. Despite this, Tiffany’s feet were in startlingly superb shape, as evidenced by the medical examiner’s findings and crime scene images described in the Netflix documentary. This was obvious despite their determination that Tiffany Valiante reached the impact site by walking approximately two miles in bare feet along a trail consisting of sharp rocks and shattered glass.

Tiffany Valiantine Death

This incongruity was seized upon by H. Louise Houseman, an independent medical examiner who was brought in to analyze the evidence in the case after the Valiante family filed a civil suit in 2017. Houseman outlined her findings in the Unsolved Mysteries episode “Mystery at Mile Marker 45,” but originally published her research in a 30-page report. Houseman concluded that had Tiffany walked the route proposed by the original investigators barefoot, “it is more probable than not that her feet would have shown severe damage.” However, an examination of Tiffany’s feet in the crime scene photos showed “no abrasions or damage” to the bottoms of her feet.

Changing Eye Witness of Tiffany Valiante Death

One eyewitness to Tiffany Valiante’s death was identified by Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries as a student engineer who had just been employed for 14 months. Tiffany Valiante was alleged to have jumped in front of the train before the senior engineer in command and the student engineer could stop it, according to the initial accident investigation. The senior engineer changed their story a week later and denied seeing Tiffany Valiante’s death after being put under testimony. This was because they were chatting to the conductor and had their backs turned at the time of the collision. Also altering their version of events, the engineering student said that they did not notice Tiffany “until I was practically on top of her.”

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Ten days after the first deposition, according to the case study from Unsolved Mysteries, the student engineer revised their testimony once more, this time saying that they had seen something on the rails from half a mile distant before Tiffany Valiante leaped “out of the bushes on to the tracks.”

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