Tiffany Jenkins Divorce: Did Tiffany Divorce With Husband Drew?



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Tiffany Jenkins is a former addict, wife, mother, motivational speaker, best-selling author, comedian, and podcast host.

Tiffany Jenkins is the witty creator of “Juggling the Jenkins.” She has almost 9 million followers across all of her platforms, and her videos have been viewed by over 1 billion people. Tiffany is most known for her viral Facebook and YouTube videos, but she is also incredibly dedicated to raising awareness about mental illness.

She discusses her past and addiction, as well as her issues with depression and anxiety, shamelessly, frankly, and honestly. She has appeared on national television programs such as The Today Show and The Doctors.

Tiffany Jenkins is married to Drew, who is her husband, and news is spreading on the internet that Tiffany Jenkins is divorcing her spouse. Let’s see if the news is real or if these reports are true or not.

tiffany jenkins divorce

Who Is Tiffany Jenkins’s Husband Drew Jenkins?

Tiffany Jenkins and her husband, Drew Jenkins, have been married for many years. There are little details about how the couple first met, but few have steered a blind date meet.

While there is still evidence that Tiffany met Drew in a rehab where Drew was also admitted and was attempting to overcome a drug addiction similar to Tiffany’s.

Tiffany has revealed that after completing her time in rehab, only after completing 120 days behind bars, she transferred to a halfway house and attempted to find new occupations.

They tied the knot in 2014 and have been inseparable since.

Is It True: Tiffany Jenkins And Her Husband Are Getting A Divorce?

Tiffany Jenkins’ divorce is being discussed on social media. However, the reports cannot be confirmed because she has not spoken about the divorce or how terrible things are between her and her husband Drew.

Tiffany celebrated her 8th anniversary with her husband and children by posting a slew of images on her Instagram account on February 16. “Today is our 8th wedding anniversary, and what a magical eight years it’s been!” she captioned the photographs. I rarely write about my lovely man, but I’m especially appreciative for his affection tonight. Happy anniversary, boo boo kitty f***, and thank you for embracing every aspect of me (even the strange ones).”

So, based on Tiffany’s lack of official confirmation or denial of her split from her husband Drew, we’ll have to believe that they’re still together.

tiffany jenkins divorce

Discover Everything About Tiffany Jenkins’s Past Life

Tiffany Jenkins was a desperate addict who fought hard to hide her addiction. She was addicted to opioids in 2012, spending an average of $200 a day on them. She also exchanged sexual favors for medications. Things deteriorated to the point where she sold her boyfriend’s firearms for drug money.

Jenkins, from Sarasota, Florida, was the captain of her high school cheerleading squad when she drank her first drink at the age of 18. She dropped out of school after three months. Despite having a comfortable life, she enjoyed the way drinking made her feel “numb.” “I went after it.”

Then a buddy brought her pain relievers, which he knew she needed. Jenkins’ mother left her money in 2009, after she had been doing drugs for six years. Instead of using it to buy drugs, she used it to pay for rehab.

She began dating a deputy sheriff, moved in with him, and attempted to be the perfect girlfriend. Jenkins, however, couldn’t resist taking some pills that had fallen out of a coworker’s purse after a long day at work. She was addicted to opioids again before she realized it.

She became skilled at concealing her footprints while leading a stunning secret life. Jenkins agreed to perform a sexual act in exchange for Dilaudid, which she then injected. But she couldn’t stop herself. She pawned her boyfriend’s father’s wedding band to earn money for drugs.

She stole her boyfriend’s weaponry, including an automatic rifle and the 9mm pistol he used while he wasn’t on duty, after being dismissed from her restaurant job in November 2012, and handed them to her dealer to pay off her $7,000 drug debt.

tiffany jenkins divorce

Jenkins was arrested the next morning after her boyfriend noticed the firearms were missing.

Jenkins’ opiate withdrawal was so severe in jail that she attempted to hang herself from a bunk bed with a sheet. Fortunately, she was saved by a guard.

Jenkins admitted to 20 criminal offences, including fraud and the theft of numerous firearms. She was sentenced to 180 days in jail, followed by six months in treatment. She stated that she has not used drugs since her arrest. Jenkins no longer communicates with her ex, although she did email him an apology.

Drew and she have been married for five years, and they have Drew’s daughter from a prior relationship, as well as their own little son and daughter. Jenkins launched Juggling The Jenkins, her parenting blog, in 2017. She talks amusing stories about her recuperation and being a mom on it.

Is Drew Jenkins Still Married To Tiffany Jenkins?

Drew Jenkins and Tiffany Jenkins are still married and living happily ever after. They married again in 2014, and they frequently raised a mini-family of three children.

Drew and Tiffany have an 11-year-old daughter from Drew’s previous marriage, and the couple began their two children publishing their marriage. Their two innocent souls are 5 and 7 years earlier in time.

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