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About Through My Window

Through My Window is a Spanish teen romance film directed by Marçal Forés from a screenplay by Eduard Sola, Starring Julio Peña, Clara Galle and Pilar Castro. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Ariana Godoy. It was released on Netflix on 4 February 2022

Through My Window

Through My Window Quick Facts

Directed by Marçal Forés
Screenplay by Eduard Sola
Based on Through My Window
by Ariana Godoy
Produced by Núria Valls
Adrián Guerra
Elías M. Félix
Edited by Verónica Callón
Starring Julio Peña
Clara Galle
Pilar Castro
Production companies Netflix
Nostromo Pictures
Distributed by Netflix
Release date 4 February 2022
Running time 116 minutes
Country Spain
Languages Spanish

Through My Window: Plot

Through My Window is a teen love story where a young girl named Raquel who falls in love with her bad-boy neighbor Ares after watching him through her window for some time.

The story begins with Raquel narrating the story of her life. She refuses to read her assignment in the class, even though she knows how to write but lack of confidence stops her to express herself in the class.

Raquel has a huge crush on Ares but has never said a word to him. They interacted when she finds out that Ares has hacks the Wi-Fi password of her. She follows Ares and asks him about the hacking but Ares starts questioning her about the password that says, ‘Ares, Greek God’. Raquel admits about her feelings towards Ares. At night she unplugs the Wi-Fi But Ares climbs up her window into her room and plugs it back in. For the first time they shared a moment. No doubt, Raquel wants it more but the Ares leaves.

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Raquel is invited by Ares to a party where she seduces him but doesn’t let him get her. They keep on having interactions. One day Apolo, her friend who gets too drunk, isn’t able to go to his home so Raquel being a caring friend takes him to her place with the help of her friend, Daniela. Apolo accidendally breaks her phone. That is when we’ve seen interested side of Ares, he again climbs up her window. They have great conversation where he shares about his grandfather’s death and how he too has allergies just like him.

Ares gifts Raquel a new phone but she decides to not accept the gift and she goes to his house to return the phone. That is when the pair are not able to control their erotic feelings and end up having sex.

Surprisingly, Ares starts acting indifferent which obviously makes Raquel very furious. After keeping ignoring her for a while, one day Ares sees Raquel fully drunk on the street. He takes her to her house where he finally admits the reason behind avoiding her. He tells that love can play a distraction in his life according to his father. However, Ares asks her to give him a second chance. This time Ares doesn’t want to think about other things and wants to be with Raquel only.

Through My Window

What Happens Next? Does The Film Has Happy Ending?

Raquel’s mother encourages her to not be like her father who was a good writer but he never had the courage to publish his novel. She also encourages her to confess ares about her feelings. When Raquel decides to make it official with Ares and goes his house to confess, Ares’ family shows restriction and considered her as a distraction in Ares’ life. Ares decides to choose Raquel over his family but Yoshi, who also loves Raquel, pushes Ares into an empty pool for breaking Raquel’s heart a million times.

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As Ares is allergic to chlorine and also has suffered from anaphylactic attack, Raquel rushes to save Ares. Raquel visits him at the hospital and stays by his side time until he fully recovers. Ares’ family allows them to be together. On the airport, the pair finally confess their feelings where Ares confesses that he had purposefully broken their Wi-Fi so that he could talk to her.

Four months later Raquel publishes her book called ‘Through My Window’.

Through My Window Trailer

Check below, Here is the trailer of Through my window.

Is there a part 2 of Through My Window?

Good news, It has come to our Knowledge that season 2 has started filming officially. Production has started on the Through My Window sequel, which will now officially be known as Through My Window: Across the Sea, or A través del mar in Spanish.

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