Three Mobile Games that Break the Mold


Sandeep Singh

Over the last five years, mobile gaming has taken off worldwide. In the past, video games revolved around consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation, alongside PC titles. Compared to mega-hits like Call of Duty and League of Legends, mobile games haven’t been nearly as influential in terms of audience and profit. But the rise of casual and competitive titles has changed this.

First, the boost in mobile technology means that major video game developers can create mobile versions of their products. Today, the most-downloaded mobile game is PUBG: Mobile, which began as a successful PC game. Call of Duty: Mobile isn’t far behind in terms of its success.

The same goes for casual titles, from Candy Crush to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. In general, older smartphone users are starting to get into casual mobile titles—especially those with social features, like Words With Friends.

Meanwhile, the advent of AR-ready games and, more recently, VR-ready games for mobile devices has helped push mobile titles to the forefront. With each new technology advancement, such as 5G networks, mobile games push the boundaries for remote entertainment even further.

If you’re looking for a title that will break the mold, look no further than those listed below.

Live Dealers Build on Live Streaming

Casinos have been one of the most popular and accessible types of online and mobile games for years. In fact, online casinos were some of the first entertainment sites to hit the web internationally back in the 90s. Today, some groups are pushing the next frontier in casino gaming: live dealer games.

You can now access games that feature real-life dealers straight from a casino on your mobile device, which is live streamed directly to your screen from a gaming studio. Instead of playing an automated game that uses an RPG (or random number generator), players are treated to the full experience. In roulette, for example, this means a croupier who spins the roulette wheel for you right before your eyes in real-time.

Twilight Pioneers Pushes Boundaries in VR

VR still has a long way to go before it becomes a gaming staple. Still, that doesn’t mean it won’t someday become more accessible from a pricing and hardware standpoint. Already, lightweight, mobile-ready headsets have hit the market—and there’s a growing list of imaginative new games for players to check out.

One of the best is Twilight Pioneers. Developers at NetEase pulled out all the stops to create one of the most imaginative and holistic adventures in VR (nonetheless for mobile users). The game is an action role-player, which takes gamers on a daring adventure with more than a few intimidating boss battles to defeat. However, the game’s ARPG focus doesn’t detract from its other features.

Twilight Pioneers includes an incredibly detailed fantasy landscape, a staple for most RPG games. Players can explore this stunning virtual world at their leisure, which includes dozens of unique locations, then take on their latest quest when they’re feeling up for it.

Zombies, Run! Brings the Best of AR

Back in 2016, Pokémon GO burst through the glass ceiling when it came to mobile game progress. Today, mobile game developers of all stripes are looking toward AR to add a new dimension to their games. One of the most creative is Zombies, Run!, which targets joggers.

The premise is simple: you go on your morning jog, as usual, then wait for virtual zombies to jump out and give chase. From there Zombies, Run! throws in a few challenges. While you outfox a zombie, you must also collect items to ensure your escape. Throw in an amusing narration or two, and Zombies, Run! has pushed mobile AR gaming in a brand-new direction.