Three Additions Every Home Should Have


Mohit Kamboj

Every home deserves to have some TLC, but sometimes, you can’t help but want to go a little further than a mere renovation. Perhaps you’d like to have a few additions instead. There are plenty of add-ons that every home wants to have, but some are just way too valuable to pass up. In this article, we’ll be going over three additions every home should have.

Home Elevator

At first glance, it might seem like we’re starting off strong here. Home elevators are known for being one of the most expensive additions you can get. They’re exactly as they sound; elevators to help you go to and from the upper levels of your house. But why these elevators, in particular, are so valuable is because of the number of benefits that come with them. Home elevators can boost your property value to new heights single-handedly. In fact, you probably didn’t know that they’re commonly sought after by homebuyers. The second benefit is the increased safety for traversing the upper levels of the home. In some households, there are elderly or disabled people who have difficulty going up stairs.

Slip and falls are a very common, yet dangerous accident that can occur within in a home. Not only do elderly people have slower reflexes, their grip strength might be weaker than it was during their youth. Disabled people might not be able to use stairs at all and will require other methods of going upstairs. Installing a home elevator covers all of these problems while simultaneously eliminating the risk of slip and falls. Though you might be wondering how much does a home elevator cost? On average, they can cost as little as $10,000 to $15,000 and as much as $75,000. These are high costs, but it’s an investment with incredible value. You could take out a personal loan or a HELOC to make financing it a little easier.

Small Patio

No home is truly complete without a comfortable outdoor area to relax in. This is why you should consider adding a new patio. You can cook, lounge and enjoy the nice fall breeze here. What’s more is that this also counts towards the total amount of space the home has. You may be on the fence about spending so much money on this, especially since the home elevator already costs a lot. Compared to a home elevator, you won’t have to spend as much as you think. You don’t have to have a patio that takes up half of the backyard. A small patio can cost anywhere between $1,500 to about $6,000.

Luxury Shower

Long gone are the days where we sat in ceramic tubs to get clean. In today’s society, pretty much everyone showers and uses bathing as a way to relax. But why settle for two when you can have an all-in-one package? Luxury showers are part of trending interior design styles and also a fantastic addition and they can be installed into every home. These showers come with every amenity you’d want in a bathroom. The bathroom is also one of those areas that homebuyers heavily scrutinize, so adding a luxury shower is a great way to boost property value.