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Thor Love And Thunder: Movie Reportedly Features A Team-Up That Fans Will Surely Love!


David Mudd

There were several talks about Star-Lord and Co. making an appearance in the much-awaited movie Thor Love And Thunder. But there is more great news to this as sources have now confirmed that we will be seeing more familiar faces.

Who Will We Be Seeing?

There is more coming our way other than the involvement of Guardians and Hulk. We will be witnessing the sight of our beloved Benedict Cumberbatch’s favourite pause to guide and help Thor at some point in the film.

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Taika Waititi And His Pranks

Thor Love And Thunder

Well, Taika Waititi did tease his fans over an Instagram live session with the script of the film and the possibility of Tony Stark returning. But here is another plot twist. Taika teased his fans about the return of Loki. Can we trust Taika for once or is this one of his many jokes? Do you think it is probable for Loki to make an appearance?

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Will Loki Be A Part Of It (Thor Love And Thunder)?

Loki is considered the god of mischief, and we cannot rule out the absolute possibility of him making an appearance. It is an enduring mystery to solve since he has faked his death multiple times in the past. And with his show on Disney+ now, we are uncertain of the direction in which things have headed.

Beta Ray Bill is another possibility, but Marvel studios have not confirmed his presence at the moment. But deep down when we come to think of it, his comically peppy character seems to fit in perfectly and this might be a treat for the fans. We could not have thought of a better choice.

Thor Love And Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder

What do you think about the new team-ups? Are you enthralled to watch the film? Let us know your thoughts and views in the comment section below!

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