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Thor – Love And Thunder: Can Taika Waititi Bring Deadpool In The Thor Movie


David Mudd

Marvel fans are excited about Thor: Love and Thunder and we have news that will increase this excitement. Although we are not sure if this will happen or not, if it happens, the result will be fantastic.

We heard from the sources that the director of Thor: Love and Thunder is planning a cameo of Deadpool in the movie. Does that mean that the next part of Thor will mark the entry of Deadpool in the MCU?

Thor - Love And Thunder: Can Taika Waititi Bring Deadpool In The Thor Movie

Deadpool and The Thor?

Two characters that have big fan bases can create records at the box-office when they come together. This duo will be fun to watch.

Deadpool is witty, he is always joking around and is never serious, but Thor is serious sometimes, plus he brags a lot about his strengths. These two will have a great conversation if they come together. The least we can say about this pairing is that the fans are in for a treat.

Release Date Of Thor: Love And Thunder:

This Marvel movie will release on 5th November 2021. Marvel has kept its secrecy like all other movies on this one too. There are chances that Deadpool will be a part of the film that will also showcase Natalie Portman’s transformation into Female Thor.


Deadpool's Reboot
Deadpool’s Reboot

Taika Watiti’s Different Style Of Direction:

Taika Watiti also directed the last part of Thor, i.e., Thor: Ragnarok. She added Hulk in the Thor movie, and it was the funniest Thor movie we have ever seen.

This makes us wonder what will happen when she adds Deadpool in the next one. The film will be a ride, action, jokes, and silly moments. Deadpool is already the most senseless character already.

When Will Deadpool 3 Release?

Ryan Reynolds has already confirmed that it is coming. He might even be joking, but we hope he was serious this time. The fans are incredibly excited about the third part of Deadpool. The best thing in Deadpool movies is Deadpool or Ryan Reynolds. This guy is so charming that even if we don’t get to see his face, we want more of him.

Deadpool's Reboot
Deadpool’s Reboot

We don’t know what exactly is going to happen in the MCU. We trust Marvel, and we know that whatever they will do will be amazing.

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