Is This is Us Season 7 Going to Happen? What Do We Know So Far About It?


Aditi Deshinge

With an emotionally satisfying finale, the Pearsons has wrapped up its six years show on NBC, however we are going to discuss about what are the chances of This Is Us Season 7 in this article. So keep scrolling down and read out this entire article to get know more in detail.

For the fans of This is Us its a bad news because the story of the Pearsons is finally finished with This is Us Season 6. However, there might be some chances for the Pearsons to return back with This is Us Season 7.

Is This is Us Season 7

The NBC family drama has wrapped up its six years run along with emotional finale and it bookends Jack which is portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia and Rebecca’s love plot. It is said that, considering how famous the show continues to be, discussions regarding he potential renewal of This is Us Season 7 have started going around.

This family drama was a quick hit for  NBC when it was debuted in 2016. It is well known for its grounded plotline and it followed the life of Jack and Rebecca along with their kids named Kevin, Kate and Randall.

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For about six years the Pearson’s individuals and collective arcs ran the show and it showed us the different perspectives of life and some points in the history.

Season 1 to 3 primarily focused on the history of Jack as his life and tragic death impacted the life of his wife and kids. And after the remaining parts of the season the focus was shifted to Rebecca as she dealt with Alzheimer’s during her twilight years.

This is Us Season 6, both Jack and Rebecca are dead, however their three kids continue to live their lives with their consecutive families.

What Will Be the Cast of This is Us Season 7 if It is Going to Happen in the Future ?

We assume that all the cast members from This is Us Season 6 will return back for the seventh season as well so following will be cast for This is Us Season 7 along with their characters –

Why This is Us Season 7 is Not Happening?

Unfortunately, as of now there no plans for renewal of This Is Us season 7. Show maker Dan Fogelman was set on finishing up the show after the season 6 of the show and it was planned from very first.

Show creators don’t want to stretch the storyline beyond the sixth season of This is Us as its narrative was clear from the beginning. Therefore he wanted to wrap up the Pearsons story in This Is Us season 6.

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Will This is Us Season 7 Happen in Future?

If there is enough interest for This Is Us season 7 from audience, then we assume that show creators and NBC will re-think on the renewal of the show. The big issue with this would be the re-assembling the show’s ensemble cast, because most of them are already booked for their next projects.

Is This is Us Season 7

Instead of a This Is Us season 7, we are expecting This Is Us movie. But all these are just speculations, because there is not any firm statement by showrunners or producers of the show. So we still need to wait more and will surely update you with all the news regarding This Is Us season 7.

Trailer –

Well, as of now This Is Us season 7 is not confirmed by the makers of the show and we think that it is not going to happen. But you guys can enjoy the trailer of This Is Us season 6 in below given video. By watching this trailer you will get an idea about what is cooking in Pearson house.

What Would Be the Plotline of This is Us Season 7?

Well, the story for the speculated This Is Us season 7, the makers revealed that it will be about an alternate timeline in which Jack survived the fire and there is imaginations, what the Pearson’s lives would have been if the patriarch was around.

Or else, This Is Us season 7 will focus on the kids of Pearson’s who teenagers are now and how they cope up with life after the death of Rebecca. This is because show heavily focuses on the flashbacks along with dream sequences, Jack and Rebecca still be the part of This Is Us season 7.

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