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This Is Us Season 6 : Will There Be a This Is Us Season 6?

The finale of This Is Us is drawing near, but we're not quite ready to say goodbye to the Pearson family just yet. Season five came to a close in typically jaw-dropping form, surprising viewers with yet another huge shock at the conclusion of the season's finale. As a result, there are a number of important questions that need to be addressed.

This Is Us Season 6

We may expect the final season of The Walking Dead to be the most dramatic (and tear-jerking) yet, given that it has been announced that it will be the show's final season. Season five was hampered by Covid-related delays, however, season six will be shown completely without interruption. How long will it take for The Big Three — Kevin, Kate, and Randall – to ultimately learn to deal with their traumas and begin to work towards a more optimistic future?

This Is Us Season 6 Release Date

This is a departure from the broadcaster's customary launch window of September/October, which had previously served as the gem in the crown of the broadcaster's autumn programming. However, while fans have had to wait longer than normal for the episodes (thanks, Covid), this new time slot has the advantage of not having a midseason break, which is a welcome relief.

“We are well aware that saying goodbye to the Pearsons would be difficult in and of itself. So we wanted to do something special for the fans and give them as near to an uninterrupted run as we possibly could “Frances Berwick, the chairperson of the NBC network, explained (via Deadline).

Season 6 Spoilers for This Is Us: What's the Premise?

No one should be surprised that there would be tears in the final season — with corporate leaders reportedly reduced to tears after being informed of what is going to happen. While This Is Us undoubtedly relishes the opportunity to surprise its viewers – generally by deceiving us into thinking we're witnessing a one-time period when we're actually seeing another – the season-five finale delivered one of the biggest surprises of the series to yet.

Kevin appeared to be planning his vows for his upcoming marriage to Madison at the start of the episode. According to subsequent revelations, their wedding did not truly take place as planned. Rather than a flashback, we were actually seeing Kevin preparing to officiate at his sister Kate's wedding, four years after the events of the first episode. However, it is not Toby who she will be marrying; rather, it will be her cold-blooded music teacher boss Phillip. There are audible gasps.

This Is Us Season 6

Toby's actor Chris Sullivan revealed that he has been aware of the couple's impending separation for some time, with the couple's developing “communication distance” playing a big role. The revelation of how these events unfolded will no likely consume a significant portion of the final season. The flash-forward also revealed that Nicky is now married to an unknown woman and that the relationship between Kevin and Madison, who are parents to twins together, appears to be very pleasant. Is it still the case that they are working together in some way, or have they simply learned to be friends?

Then there's the issue of the Pearson matriarch's deteriorating health, which must be addressed. Back in season four, we were given a brief sight of a sick Rebecca, who appeared to be on her deathbed at some point in the future. We're well aware that her dementia will deteriorate in the coming years – to the point where she will no longer recognise her own son Randall – and we're completely prepared for those scenes to be emotionally draining to witness.

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Creator Dan Fogelman has confirmed that there will be some heartbreaking moments in the final season, telling Entertainment Weekly: “The thought of talking about one of our season six storylines makes my eyes well up with tears. It's a storyline that is so important to us that it's one of our stakes in the ground. And I'm not one to shed tears.”

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“The show spans a long period of time, and as we progress deeper into our final season, you'll witness the culmination of a lot of trips,” Fogelman said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Whether it's a matter of life and death or a romantic relationship, Our stories and travels will hopefully be completed, regardless of how long it takes in terms of calendar time in the show, because we spend more time than just existing linearly in the show. However, I am unable to divulge any information about who will live or die in this story.”

This Is Us Season 6 Cast

In addition to Milo Ventimiglia (Jack), Mandy Moore (Rebecca), Sterling K Brown (Randall), Chrissy Metz (Kate), and Justin Hartley (Randall), the entire Pearson family returns for the final season (Kevin). As we all know, Jack died in a horrible home fire many years ago, but that will not prevent him from playing a vital role in the final few episodes, which will be told through flashbacks.

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Aside from Thompson and Watson, Chris Sullivan and Jon Huertas will also appear, as will Eris Baker and Tess Baker, Faithe Herman and Lyric Ross, who will play Annie and Deja, will also appear.

This Is Us Season 6 Trailer

The official final season trailer, which was released in November, showed matriarch Rebecca's health deteriorating rapidly as her dementia took grip much more firmly than before.With the help of Chrissy Metz's Kate, Rebecca is heard admonishing: “It's time after time.” “I'm having trouble remembering things. In my mind's eye, I try to imagine what my very last recollection will be before the candle is extinguished.”

This Is Us Season 6

During the last season of the Pearson family drama, we were treated to a look back at the Pearsons' lives over the years.After Kevin and Kate have completed their birthday celebration, Miguel (Jon Huertas) places his cake with 41 candles on top of a table while Kevin and Kate blow out the candles.

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