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This Gear Can Enhance Your Zoom Call Experience


David Mudd

Find out more bout this gear that will enhance your Zoom call experience. Also, find out how video calling apps have become so frequent during the pandemic. Read ahead to know more.

Growth Of Video Calling Apps

The coronavirus pandemic has forced more than half of humanity into lockdown. As a result, offices, malls, schools, colleges, and other recreational centers have shut down. Moreover, people are working from home and practicing social distancing.

Moreover, people around the world are using video call system to interact with their loved ones. Offices are holding meetings and company work on video conference calls. Also, schools, colleges, and universities are conducting classes on video calls.


As a result, apps like Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Google Zoom, and many more have seen a massive increase in users daily. Furthermore, the users are in millions. Also, the users continue to grow for these video calling apps.

Google Zoom

Amongst all the names apps, it has created a separate customer base. With offices to education institutions, everyone is using it. Moreover, it had 10 million users in December 2019.

However, Google Zoom has more than 200 million users as of March 2020. This shows the popularity of the app. Also, one session is of 40 minutes on Google Zoom. Beyond that, you can purchase a premium account or start the session again.

Also, the company has made Zoom sessions free for college, school, and kindergarten students as it believes imparting education should not be affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Furthermore, the company has left behind Facebook Messenger and Microsoft Teams in terms of the number of users and revenue generation. Moreover, the app is available on both, desktop as well as phone versions.



Calendar Gear In Zoom

The Zoom for Google Calendar will allow the users to schedule, join, and manage meetings directly from a Google Calendar event. Moreover, you can also add a Zoom meeting quickly to any event.

The details about the meeting are added to the calendar event. As a result, it becomes easy for all the attendees to join the Zoom meeting.