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This 4TB PCIe SSD can Dramatically Increase Your Windows Laptop’s Storage Capacity


David Mudd

Whenever it comes to storage capacity, the one device that still holds the bragging rights is Apple MacBook Pro 16. Apple uses there own unique approach when it comes to this feature. They plug the memory chips straight into the motherboard. After all, that helps them to achieve 8 TB of storage. At the same time, most of the vendors of laptops offer a maximum of 4 TB storage with 4TB PCIe SSD.

The news is that now there is a chance through which you can increase your laptop’s storage. For that purpose, OWC recently joined Sabrent to offer a 4TB NVMe PCIe M2.2280 SSD. Sabrent’s Rocket 4TB PCIe SSD is available in Amazon for $849.99 that is roughly AU$1335.

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How It Helps To Increase Your Storage (4TB PCIe SSD)

OWC’s SSD Aurora P12 costs $1,149.88 when it available for much less price from Sabrent. After all, the real use of these SSD’s is that it can be plugged into your Windows laptop. Besides, the awesome factor is that you can plug two of these into the laptop. That means you will get a storage capacity equal to the MacBook Pro 16, which is 8TB.

There is only one laptop vendor now who use these 4 TB drives in the development. Besides, it is not at all a cheap product to buy and too thick when compared to MacBook. That makes the portability also difficult. Apple’s high-end devices cost much more than a Windows Laptop. So the adding of additional SDs are one of the best ways to increase storage without spending much more money just for storage.

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