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Things You Should Know About The Hills: New Beginnings Who Slept at Your House?


David Mudd

Hello everyone, Do you like reality TV shows and dramas? If you do, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get to explore an excellent TV show called Hills. The Hills: New Beginnings S2 is airing on MTV and paramount+, and I know many of you are fans of the TV show. But let’s see what it’s all about in a very short summary.

Brief Recap of The Hills

The Hills series initially focused on Lauren Conrad, who, after graduation, moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

It also talked a lot about her housemate and their friends. With every season, you find new stories of Lauren and friends. In the sixth final season, the story mainly focused on Conrad’s friends Lo and Stephanie.

They supported roles in Season 3 and 4 but played a charming and primary role in the finale. With each season ending and a new season beginning, you would expect a new twist and turn.

Then in 2019 came the most anticipated, The Hills: New Beginnings, which reunited the original cast with new faces, friends, and stories. And it was given a highly positive review by the fans.

Cast of Hills

Role of Harris Bosch is played by Titus Welliver

We may expect to see Detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) performing traditional Bosch things like criminal investigations and listening to jazz albums as the program is still called Bosch. He is the show’s main and most important character.

Madeline Bosch (Madison Lintz), Bosch’s daughter, will also be a part of the Bosch family’s privileged lifestyle. These two characters are, after all, what everyone is looking forward to seeing in Season 7.

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The role of Detective Chris Collins is played by Carlos Miranda 

A member of the LAPD’s squad who assists/assists Bosch and J.Edgar with the case’s arson investigation.

The role of Mayor Lopez is played by Natalia Castellanos 

Castellanos will reprise his role as the new Mayor of Los Angeles in Bosch Season 7, as he did in the previous season.

The role of Pedro Alvarez is played by Bryan Michael Nuñez 

Alvarez, a youngster from Mickey Pea’s family, is crucial to Bosch and J. Edgar’s arson investigation.

The role of Gladys Rodriguez is played by Vanessa Born 

We know her with the name “a female Stringer Bell”, as Detective Collins calls her.

The role of Vincent Franzen is played by Reed Diamond 

He takes on the role of a new customer. Vincent Franzen, a fund manager, was sentenced to jail for his role in a $200 million Ponzi scheme.

Let’s Recap Episode 6 

MTV announced a second season which aired on May 12, 2019, and boy, it was loved by the fans. After a year in lockdown, the most exciting friends’ group reunites to bury their past and go ahead.

But there is a lot to come, and the past isn’t something that can be quickly buried. The most exciting episode I found was episode 7.

It was on a whole new level. Let’s recap what happened in episode 6. Kristin comes to LA for 7 days to surprise her friends. They all prepare to give Kristin the best week of her life. But if there’s no twist, then there’s no drama.

The previous is vexed that her endeavours to get pregnant didn’t bear any fruit. So she just let out all her frustration on the dance floor. Similar to Ashley, where she is not allowed to get a drink.

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Brody gets lunch with Spencer. Justin returns to his past when he stops by his old house. While Jason remembers the time when his companion Justin used to be a naughty devil.

The group is thrilled to see Kristin, particularly Brody, who concedes he had gone through excellent evenings with her when the two of them used to be youthful, wild, and accessible. Even though she currently is a mother of three.

The Most Interesting Part of Episode 7

Episode 7 was the most interesting to watch. Again, there was a lot of drama. Kristin will spot Audrina locked in Brody’s car. This just raises doubt between all the friends that the duo came together with last night.

An uncomfortable dinner conversation about Brody and Audrina’s shameful exit would make Kaitlynn very uncomfortable during a trip to Lake Tahoe. And she would be questioning herself about their relationship in the past. While somewhere else, Caroline confronts Kaitlynn over their bitter friendship. While Jason and Ashley find out that Spencer has been discussing Jason behind their backs.

All in all, this episode and the previous episode were a hell of a ride. And it indeed left viewers awestruck and keen for episode 8. So let’s see what it holds next time.

Just make sure you watch the show once; you will not regret the storyline for a minute. And the plot twists at the end will leave you thinking about what they have planned for the next season. MTV keeps on surprising with their range of TV shows.

Wrapping up

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