4 Things that are Trending in the Online Entertainment Industry of Canada


Sandeep Singh

Ever since this decade has started, the world seems to exist mostly online. Want to go to work? Log in! Want to shop for essentials as well as non-essentials? Just a click or two away! Want to meet friends? Hang out in the metaverse!

The same is the case with the entertainment industry. Canadians have shown some patterns in how they approach the online entertainment industry. Here are 4 things that we have compiled.

Home Entertainment Industries

Home entertainment has become a pivotal aspect of the life of the average Canadian. The reports don’t lie either—Canadians off late spend a great amount of time doing household chores. It is thus obvious that home entertainment forms a massive part of the life of Canadians.

Home entertainment exists in various flavors. Here are some of the most popular ones.

TV Shows over OTTs

Over-the-top media are quite literally that. The shows are gripping, the characters are enticing, and the price is rather affordable. Be it binging on the latest and greatest anime, or perhaps the gut-wrenching documentaries about murderers—OTTs are the new trend.

The most sought-after platforms are Netflix, Disney+, as well as Hulu. The most popular ones? Why don’t you browse the OTT platforms for yourself?


OTTs aren’t just meant for the TV series. For the film connoisseur, OTT platforms serve as a one-stop shop for films too. Ever since the pandemic lured over our heads, OTT platforms started pushing films exclusively so you didn’t have to leave your homes.

That formed the foundation for films of today that get released over OTT. For instance, Netflix has a really gripping film or two up its sleeve. They’re planning on releasing it online itself, instead of asking you to go to the theaters. Sounds pretty delightful for Canadians!

Online Casinos and the Gambling Entertainment Industry

Gambling and casinos were always a prevalent thing in Canada. Alas, with the world coming to a halt at the beginning of the decade, land-based casinos took a hit. Not for long though.

Like most other industries, the gambling industry took flight in the form of its online variants. Play Alberta is a good example of an industry-leading platform making online games available to the disposal of Canadians, with only a few clicks.

The reasons for the online casino industry to be held in such high regard as entertainment is justified. The list of games is endless, the variations of these games are equally good. The rewards associated with signing up or creating an account are healthy. The games themselves are engaging.

There are also options wherein you can control or limit the wagers you place, thereby keeping a track on your personal finance too. Most importantly, you can have access to these casinos from any nook and corner of your apartment. Sounds like a win-win!

The Gaming Industry—Video Games that Move the Soul

Another massive trend in the online entertainment industry pertains to that of video games. The video game market globally has shown promising results and has stood the test of time. It has always shown positive growth, and keeps showing so.

Much like the gambling industry, the video game industry too has justifiably high numbers. The games that are being churned out today are not merely enthralling, but much more. The storytelling on modern games is beyond fantastic, and the character developments of time are more than just relatable.

We’d go as far as saying that video games are the highest standard of modern-day art. Be it the gripping story of “The Last of Us”, or the precise mechanics of games such as NBA 2K and FIFA, modern games emulate life like no other. The gaming industry has come a long way, and is bound to take more Canadians by storm.

eSports—The Modern-Day Livestreaming Industry

Canada takes its eSports rather seriously. That is pretty evident based on how they have a dedicated TV channel for it! Ginx TV was a 2017 initiative that strived to make eSports available for viewing to the regular masses. It is now considered a “super channel”.

One glance at the global eSports market and you will see how profitable it is. No wonder Canadians are all hot and heavy about it! Be it a competitive game of “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” or a lighter game of “Sims”, there is no shortage to broadcasting eSports.

Conclusion—Any Upcoming Online Entertainment Industries?

Life is slowly getting back to ways of the previous decade. While this push to online industries was much required, things are slowly starting to shape like 2019 and prior. Is there any other industry that can see the light of online presence?

The answer is yes. The pandemic also saw cancellation of tickets of music festivals, and the music industry took a hit. It was only a matter of time till the music industry caught up as well. And while live concerts are going to become a thing once again, perhaps livestreaming it may just form an industry of its own!