Things in Which Iphone Lags Behind Its Android Competitors


David Mudd

We all have a special place for iPhones in our hearts. There is no denying that iPhone’s simplistic design and privacy features get better every year. However, there are many factors that have put Apple in a tough spot in the last few years. Android phones offer high customization features and easily do what many iPhones can’t.

In this blog, we will list some areas in which iPhones lag behind Android devices. If I decide to sell my mobile, it should be for the better. The same applies to you, so read through the article carefully. If you already regret buying an iPhone, you can easily sell your phone.

Areas where iPhone lags behind Android Phones

1. Battery Life:

Don’t come at me with “iPhone has better battery optimisation features than Android”. I agree that iPhones do have good battery optimisation. However, an affordable android phone incorporates better battery capacity than that of an iPhone. A higher battery capacity clearly outperforms the iPhone in gaming, streaming and much more. Also, you can access more battery usage customisation in Android than you can on iPhone.

2. Charging features:

Both iPhone and Android phones have fast charging and wireless charging features. But the only drawback is, Android Phones offer a fast-charger with the pack. It is highly unlikely that you will find an android mobile that doesn’t have all the necessary accessories in the box.

3. Personalisation:

Personalisation has always been a tough cookie to crack in iPhones. Except for naming your device. The personalisation we are talking about here is what promotes ease of use. We can download plenty of apps that let us customise the icons, display, widgets and a lot more. Apple is right behind Android in this aspect because it simply doesn’t offer much.

4. Curved corners:

There are many kinds of hardware when it comes to android. Whereas in the iPhone you get more or less the same designs every year. One of the main drawbacks of the design is the sharp corners. It leaves a mark on your palm, especially during single-hand use.

Contradictorily, Android phones, at least the popular ones, come with curved corners. Making them easy and comfortable to handle. You can choose between different screen sizes without compromising the quality or the specifications.

5. USB Cables:

You will probably sell your old mobile after this segment. iPhones and iPads use Lightning cables. Those cables are pricey and easily susceptible to wear and tear. In the case of Android phones, all the cables are USB-C type. You can use them on every device that has a USB-C port. But you cannot insert the Lightning cable anywhere else other than Apple devices.

Since mobiles are all about making it easy, Apple will be doing us a huge favour by shifting towards C-type cables.

6. The Back button:

iPhones do not have the Back button. For a user shifting from Android to iOS, it can be quite frustrating. Android mobile phones either include a soft button row or incorporate in-display buttons. A dedicated back button truly makes us think that mobile manufacturers take into account the comfort of their users.

The swipe feature for going back is amazing. But it simply doesn’t make the cut for the comfort of its users.

7. Accessible notification tab:

Both iPhone and Android phones have options to clear all notifications at once. However, you cannot go to the customisation page directly from the notification bar. You would have to go to the Settings App to access the notifications of each app. However, in Android, you can swipe down and long press on the notifications to directly go to the customisation page. Again, mobile experiences are about making it easy for the customer.

8. Volume control:

Every mobile has volume control for various things like notifications, ringtones, alarms and media. But the ways they offer to control them is entirely different for Android and iOS devices. In iPhones, the volume buttons only change the system sounds. But for android, you can click on the volume buttons, and it displays volume settings for various functions.


I have already decided to sell my mobile online when I can still get a good price. It is time for you to decide whether to keep using iPhones or switch to a more user-friendly experience.