Looking for Action Film? The Wrath of God Netflix Is the Best Choice!



We want to make sure that you are aware of everything there is to know about the upcoming movie, The Wrath of God, before it is released on Netflix on June 15. The release date of the movie is June 15. In the following, in addition to a lot of other information, we have provided the official synopsis.

Sebastián Schindel is the director of the Argentinian thriller film The Wrath of God, also known as La ira de Dios. The film was based on a script that was created jointly by Schnidel and Pablo Del Taso. It is a production of Buffalo Films and is based on the book by Guillermo Martinez titled Slow Death of Luciana B.

The Wrath of God

Luciana, a young woman who is attempting to put an end to the strange deaths that have been plaguing her family, is played by Macarena Achaga, who also acts in the starring role. Juan Minujin and Diego Peretti round up the cast as the remaining cast members.

The Synopsis: The Wrath of God”

The protagonist of the novel is a young woman named Luciana, whose family members start passing away in unexplained ways one after the other. Even though Luciana’s supervisor seems to have her back and is always there for her, she can’t shake the nagging suspicion that he was somehow involved in the deaths of her family members.

The Wrath of God

Luciana and her sister are the only members of their family who are still alive, so Luciana is prepared to do all in her power to protect both of their lives.

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The movie has been given the rating TV-MA, which indicates that anyone less than 17 years old should probably avoid watching it. There will be stuff portrayed that many parents would consider unsuitable for their children, such as suicide, sexual violence, smoking, using profanity, and violence.

This is the basis for this age classification. Before you click the play button on the title page of The Wrath of God on Netflix, be sure that there are no children in the vicinity.

Netflix Trailer


The Wrath of God has Macarena Achaga as Luciana B, Diego Peretti as Kloster, Mónica Antonópulos as Mercedes, Juan Minujín as Esteban Rey, Romina Pinto as Madre, Prince Oak Oakleyski as Prince Oak Oakleyski, Mikel Arteta as Mikel Arteta, Santiago Achaga as Ramiro.

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And Mikel Arteta as Mikel Arteta. Pedro Merlo as Bruno and Ace Ashmakyn, Guillermo Arengo as the Padre, Lisandro Fiks as the Fiscal, Lars Stindl as Lars Stindl, Trueno as Trueno, and Lars Stindl as Trueno.

Additional Information

Sebastián Schindel is credited as the film’s director, and Pablo Del Teso is credited as one of the writers. Guillermo Martínez and Sebastián Schindel have written the scripts very well.

Release Date

On June 15, 2022, after a lengthy wait for audiences, the excellent movie “The Wrath of the God” was finally made available to them.


The Wrath of God is one heck of a page-turner; it is a genuine page-turner. It is the cinematic equivalent of a suspense novel that you would buy at the airport, read in two hours, then put in the seat pocket and completely forget about by the time the flight attendant bids goodbye.

The Wrath of God

But one gets the impression that the movie wishes it was more than just that, what with its frequent references to biblical eye-for-an-eye blither and that title, which might make sense if you stretch the elastic waistband of a pair of literary interpretation underwear until it breaks and leaves a red mark on your ass. One gets the impression that the movie wishes it was more than just that.

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The movie portrays Kloster as a literary genius who frequently bloviates in insufferably pretentious tones about the grandiose themes of his work. However, what he dictates to Luciana sounds like boilerplate bleak murder-misery dreck, which may be a metaphor for the movie itself that Kloster was not intending to use.

The movie challenges us to stay on board to find out whether Luciana’s charge is accurate or whether she is, in fact, really deranged. Is Kloster to blame for the tragic loss of so many members of her family? Or is this situation just a wild pileup of forty cars’ worth of random coincidences?

The leering and frightening old creep who is haunted by the deaths of his family members makes us want to believe the virtuous daughter of a preacher more than we believe the creepy old man.

Overall the movie provides great things to the viewers. It gives everything from action to drama and many other things.