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The Woman King: Cast, Release Date, Trailer and Many More We Know So Far?

A movie with a title The Woman King made its premiere at Toronto International Film Festival which is done in the month of September. This movie is revolves around the all female unit of warriors who protected the kingdom of Dohomey in West Africa.

The release date of The Woman King has been officially announced and the film was released a while back in the United States.

The Woman King

Moreover, in this article you will get know more about the release date, cast, plot, trailer , where it will stream and many more of The Woman King.

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What is the Woman King Movie About?

The filming of the movie has been started in the year 2021 and it is directed by Gina Prince Bythewood. He is recognised by his incredible work in the past. The genre of the movie will be historical, epic and drama.

As movie is associated with female warriors so we also see some action in the film. The production companies of the movie consist of TriStar Pictures, Welle Entertainment, Juvee Productions, Entertainment One Ltd and TSG Entertainment II. The movie will be distributed by Sony Pictures.

What is the Release Date of the Woman King?

Well, this movie The Woman King has already made its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, 2022 and it is also released in the United States on 16th September 2022.

The production of The Woman King has been completed in the end of 2021 and it has been carried out in South Africa. The movie has had interesting locations which include Jungles and fight scenes. These are truly very hard to shoot as per the director of the movie.

The Woman King spoiler says that a lot of efforts was put into the production of the movie. Such an incredible historical movie has been produced by Maria Bello and Cathy Schulman and it thrives a focus on the female army unit which existed in West Africa.

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What Will Be the Plot of the Woman King?

As per some online reports the plot of the movie will revolve around Agojie who rescue the Kingdom of Dahomey and these are all women. This act makes the king very angry and so he declares war against Oyo Empire.

The lead character of the movie is Nanisca and is going to be played by the very popular Viola Davis. She is doing the job of training more ladies to join Agojie so that they can be able to protect their kingdom.

Because of Nanisca’s bravery and contribution to save the kingdom, she is eventually get the title of The Woman King. The movie highlights the brave women who existed and contributed to the society.

Where to Watch the Woman King?

The Woman King is streaming in theatres from 16th September 2022. Before its theatrical release the movie was also premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on 9th September 2022.

Now, the movie will also release globally in theatres on 5th October 2022 according to some online reports. The run length of the film is 135 minutes and it is available in the English language. The movie is going to be distributed by Sony Pictures.

And as of now, it will be only available to watch in theatres. We can also assume that the movie may be available to watch on streaming platforms like Netflix after some time of its release. Therefore people can watch the movie online as well.

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What Will Be the Cast of the Woman King?

The cast of The Woman King consists of plenty of spectacular actors which are listed below:

The Woman King

  • Viola Davisas General Nanisca
  • Thuso Mbeduas Nawi
  • Lashana Lynchas Izogie
  • Sheila Atimas Amenza
  • John Boyegaas King Ghezo
  • Hero Fiennes Tiffinas Santo Ferreira
  • Adrienne Warrenas Ode
  • Jayme Lawsonas Shante
  • Masali Baduzaas Fumbe
  • Angélique Kidjoas the Meunon
  • Jimmy Odukoyaas General Oba Ade
  • Thando Dlomo as Kelu
  • Jordan Bolger as Malik
  • Zozibini Tunzias Efe
  • Makgotso Mas Iniya
  • Siv Ngesias the Migan
  • Julian Tennon as Moru

What is the Social Media Review for the Woman King?

The movie has made hype among the viewers due its plot as well as cast members. The movie also has an official Instagram page with the handle womankingmovie. It also has official page on Twitter with the handle @WomanKingMovie.

The Woman King

In this movie, all African women unit warriors has been highlighted and glorified and so the audience has taken to social media for expressing their feelings regarding the same.

Viola Davis’s performance has been greatly appreciated by the audience and she does the character of the General who led the army of female warriors. Along with this the movie has also received some negative reviews because audience has questioned the authenticity of the plotline of the movie.

According to some viewers, the history has not depicted well, but rest of people feels that this movie did an incredible work of depicting the strength of women.

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