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The Woman in the Window: Netflix Show Latest Updates


David Mudd

The Woman in the Window is a 2021 Netflix psychological thriller directed by Joe Wright who is famously known for Atonement and Pride and Prejudice. The Woman in the Window was one of the most anticipated ventures of 2021. The movie has stars like Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Wyatt Russel and Anthony Mackie. 

Psychological thrillers are always loved by the audience. Details, narration and characters all come together to take you through the labyrinth of the mind. A good psychological thriller does not just create the story but makes the viewers active participants. The viewers too try to solve the mystery on their own. Therein lies the true achievement of the director. 

The woman in Woman is a great watch and the reasons we highly recommend this are given below.

Adaptation of The Woman in the Window 

The movie is based on the novel of the A.J.Finn of the same name. 

Plot of The Woman in the Window 

the adaptation of The Woman in the Window
Featuring Amy Adams along with the book by AJ Finn!

Anne Fox, who used to be a child psychologist, currently suffers from agoraphobia. That is to say, she cannot get out of her house. One day witnessessess a murder. All hell breaks loose when she tries to report it. 

Anna Fox.

Annie’s life revolves around meds, merlot and phone calls. Everything takes place inside of her house only. The house is mostly hidden in the dark, at times has flickers of light coming in. It symbolizes her state of mind. Though she is our narrator her dependence on psychoactive medicines and alcohol makes her a highly unreliable narrator. This unreliability makes the audience all the more alert, always on the hunt for clues. 

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The Russells.

Anne does not have a lot of activity in her life. The Russell family who come to the house across, become her source of curiosity. She finds out that the Russells have three members– Mr Russell. At times she would stand in the window trying to see the Russells, going about their day. She found out that they had three members- father, mother and their son.

A New Friend 

a glimpse from The Woman in the Window
Showcasing a still from The Woman in the Window

Ethan, who was in his late teens, meets Anne. Their encounter was awkward and weird. Yet they seem to form a bond. Anne, as a child psychologist knew, moving to a new place must be hard for Ethan. In a way, she kind of wanted to be a new friend to him to make him feel better. 

A visitor 

One day a woman comes to visit her. She introduces herself as Jane Russell, Ethan’s mother. She tries to befriend Anna.  This newfound companionship is mentioned by Anna as her therapist. 

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The murder 

Annie is the woman in the window who keeps her curious eyes out for the neighbours across. Things heat up when she witnesses the murder of a woman called Jane Russell. She calls the police and the neighbours too come over to her place. It is she who ends up getting exposed. Her unreliable psychological states, her strong medicine, alcoholism everything established her as a completely unstable person. It also turns out that the phone calls from her husband and daughter are imaginary, as they both died. 

Annie’s reliability as a witness is thus crushed.

The truth

the main lead actor from The Woman in the Window
Starring the protagonist from The Woman in the Window !

After many topsy turvy turns, emerges the truth. It is Russell’s son  Ethan. He had already killed three people and tried to kill Anna as well. The woman, who introduced herself as Jane Russell, was Ethan’s birth mother Katherine Mellie. Annie’s Tennant in the basement was killed by Ethan. The first murder was long before all this – Alistair Russell’s Secretary. 

It is indeed baffling to see how far the parents will go to save their child. Blind love leads to destruction. Annie was very close to being collateral. 

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Release date of The Woman in the Window 

14 th May 2021 is the official release date.

The Woman in the Window  Available on 

The movie is available on Netflix.


Joe Wright’s The Woman in the Window presents an interesting study of the human psyche. Annie’s past trauma prevented her from coming outside and facing the cruel world. But one has little choice when the outside world comes knocking at the door. Annie’s story blurs this demarcation between the home and the world. 

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