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The Witch Part 2: Plot | Release date | Cast

The Witch Part 2 is a Korean mystery action horror drama, written and directed by Park Hoon Jung. The first part of the movie was released in 2018. It was called The Witch: Part 1– Subversion. The sequel was always a strong possibility, given the open ending finishing of the movie. Fans have been eagerly waiting ever since. Finally, in 2021 their wish is to be fulfilled.

In the sequel, the lead characters are expected to reprise their roles. The storyline too is supposed to be the extended part of the plotline of the 2018 version. 

Without further ado, let us get into the latest info of The Witch part 2. 

Narrative timeline of The Witch Part 2

The story is not presented to us in a linear form of a timeline. The Flashback technique is often used to give the audience a better understanding of how the events are related. 

Plot of The Witch Part 2

a glimpse from The Witch Part 2
Featuring a still from The Witch Part 2!

A little girl runs away from a mysterious lab after the death of multiple people. This lab, run by Dr Baek and General Choi, conducts strange experiments on young kids. After running away from this lab, the young girl reaches a farm where she collapses. 

10 years later, we meet this girl again. The farm owners have adopted her and named her Ja Shoon. She is a high school student now with family and friends. She loves her family which might not be easily noticed. She has no recollection of her life before she was adopted. 

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Past catches up 

The lab from which Ja  Woon escaped all those years back, was run by Dr Baek and Mr Choi. They never stopped looking for her. After 10 years finally, find herself, peacefully cushioned in a remote place with her adopted family. But her past will not leave her alone so easily. They have a very special plan for her. 

Sometimes she has nightmares of her childhood self, blood dripping from her small hands. In the nightmare, her face is bloody as well. 

Nightmare becomes true 

a glimpse from The Witch Part 2
The Witch Part 2 and its amazing actors!

One night, the people from her past finally reach her. They threaten to kill her adopted family and she must go back where she came from. 

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The Shocker 

When Ja Woon sees her entire family being threatened by the people who were looking for her, she kills them all but one. This reveals that she has some extraordinary capability. Killing all those professional killers in a blink of an eye is no joking matter, after. The team leader offers Ja Woon a deal — that she must surrender peacefully or else her family will be killed. Ja Woon agrees to 

Back to where all began 

the main lead actor from The Witch Part 2
Starring the lead actor from The Witch Part 2

Ja Woon is taken back to where it all began — the lab. Finally, we too have all the answers. It is in this very lab where kids were brought in and had unspeakable experiments done on them. Their genetic construction was modified to enhance their extraordinary ability. Most kids were killed after the experiment failed. Ja Woon turned out to be the best. Two others survived the experiment and became superhuman.

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The epiphany 

When Ja Woon is injected with a blue serum, we see something very unexpected. The timid and troubled Ja Woon had planned everything out from the beginning. Those did not find her– she found them. She never really lost her memory. Each and everything horrible thing done to her and the other kids– will be avenged. People will pay in one way only – blood. 

It is her almost supernatural power of execution that earned her the title of the witch.

The cast of The Witch Part 2

 The film features Kim Da-mi as Ja-Yoon, Jo Min-Su as Dr Baek, Choi Woo-Shik as Nobleman, Park Hee-soon as Mr Choi, Go Min-si as Do Myung-hee, Choi Jung-woo as Teacher Goo, Oh Mi-hee as Teacher Goo’s wife, Jung Da-eun as Girl with long hair.

Release date of The Witch Part 2

All we know is that the second part of the movie will be released in 2021. A specific date is not out yet. 

Availability of The Witch Part 2

The movie is set to release in theatres.


The movie is an interesting one. It breaks the typical idealistic norm of how superhumans help out others by sacrificing things and people they love. Ja Woon wants to live peacefully and has no intention of dying for the so-called greater good. As long as she lives, she will serve as the fierce protectress of her family. 

This is just the beginning. Her journey has just started. The second part of the movie will cover where she goes next and what exactly her plan is. A storm is coming, in the form of Ja Woon.

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