The Witch 2 – Finished Filming| Confirmed Release Date

After the paradise movie won Oscars and blew the minds of many people, the diameter of the interest in the movie grew subsequently. As there are enough movies to watch for the people, they still want to try something different. Korean movies and dramas always took my experience to another world. The storyline and acting are something worth watching. I explore the famous Korean movie named The Witch. 

While the name sounds quite scary for once but it isn’t. The story of this movie is supernatural and follows the superhero. But nevertheless, you will find very few superhero kinds of things to look for in the movies. 

I will say the storyline of the witch is more like a suspense drama. As an audience, if you are willing to spend your time on something like suspense and action and psychological movies, then you should go for this one. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing the information about the movie, The Witch. Also, I’ll be putting some light on its upcoming part 2. If you are someone who shares a great interest in Korean movies then you should definitely read the article to know everything. 

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The Witch – A Korean Movie

the witch 2

The Korean movie which is action, horror and a lot of suspense was first released in 2018. The movie was made for people who are addicted to horror and supernatural drama. After the release of the movie, it was successful to gain positive reviews and feedback from the people.

The movie is exclusively directed by Park Hoon-Jung, who is one of the famous and well-known directors of Korean Movies. 

Moreover, the story centralized a young girl who has lost her memory for a certain age and after some time it was revealed that she got some hidden supernatural power. While there is an “A Main Hero Protagonist” in this story and at a certain point you’ll think of this girl as the main center of the story and she is. Another interesting thing about this movie is that there are only limited characters which makes it kinda-easy going.

The witch ended in 2018 and as the movie ends, it opens more possibilities for the second part. There are already rumors about the production of this suspense-horror movie and people want to know more. I’ll discuss this in the next section, so read it carefully. 

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The Witch – Is there any sequel to this movie?

the witch 2

As the movie ended, there started several speculations about whether the story will be moved forward or not. Now, if you have watched the movie before then you will understand how the ending was perfectly made for another part. Yes, there will be another sequel to this show. 

The officials have already confirmed that the witch will have another part to complete the suspense. As the news broke out, the people over the internet started to flood with the tweets. 

Also, there is also news that the movie has already started its production and it is nearly coming to an end. Other than that, there is nothing released yet. The officials have also not released any spoilers so far. But as time passes by, there would be more updates in the movies. 

The Witch 2 – What is the release date?

the witch 2

The first part of this movie was released on 27 June 2018 and it became an instant topic of hot discussion. As the officials have already confirmed about the upcoming part, the speculation started. The production of the movie has also ended, which means the movie is soon going to release a date for its airing.

So far now, there is no release date from the officials and it’s just speculation around the people. But what I feel is that as everything is already completed, the movie will be released this year. 

Let’s see what happens to the future of the movie. It would be interesting to watch the people and their reactions to this movie.

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The Witch 2 – Is there any official Trailer?

The movie has not released any trailer despite the production and filming of the movie already ended. If you are looking for the official trailer of the witch 2 then you have to wait. Other than that, there is an official trailer for the first part of the movie. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, just click the video below. 

What are the ratings of this movie?

Warner’s Bro Korean movie got an amazing response despite being a not-so-famous movie. The show has 88% of rotten tomatoes. With 7.1/10 of IMDb ratings, this movie deserved to be watched.

But the main attraction of the movie is the review and feedback of the people. The audience is reported to have this movie 4.9 ratings in the Audience rating Summary. There were many non-Korean people in the feedback section, who appreciated the cinematography of the movie. The people commented that the movie becomes interesting as it moves further with time. 

Well, if you were having doubts before about this movie and whether or not you should watch it then this is the sign. The movie is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Final words

The Witch was released in 2018 and gave a major kick to the many movies at that time. As the movie was not that famous because it was Korean, many people started to explore the movie and found it interesting. As Korean movies and dramas are getting recognition from people all over the world, many people started to watch the movie. Now, the officials have released the statement confirming the second part of this movie.

On the other hand, the release date of the Witch part 2 is not out yet but it will surely be released before the end of this year. 

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