The Way Home – A Must To Watch Movie For K-pop Fans



There are few films that capture your heart no matter what background they have. Last year, a movie named Parasite took away the Oscars and it is not even an English movie. The South Korean movie has been famous for the last yatra and many people started to watch the movie. S Korea is famous for its simple yet innovative storyline and the actors add a really nice touch to it. One of the famous Korean movies is The Way home. 

If you are someone who hasn’t heard a single word about this movie or a fan who is wondering about the rumors for its sequel then we have a whole bunch of information in this article. Keep reading and know what this movie is actually about. 

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The Way Home – What is it about?

the way home

The South Korean movie was initially released in 2002. The movie is directed by Lee Jeong-Hyang and he has also written the story of this movie. If you are someone who adores deep massage movies and emotional ones then I would really recommend you to go for this one. 

The story amazingly revolves around a boy and his old grandmother and their unconditional love. The way home teaches the parents and the younger kids about the importance of the grandparents. 

Moreover, the movie was appreciated and got great rewards from people from around the world. The movie also won many awards and the most notable award of the South Korean that holds the importance just like the Oscars. 

Coming to the movie which began one of the most viewed and highest-grossing movies of the South Korean. The movie broke a lot of records and in 2002 this movie was teaching which many movies fail to do. 

The best thing about this movie is its storyline which will make the person cry so hard. With the growing number of K-dramas and K-pop fans in the whole world, it becomes easy for them to also start watching the Golden days where the popularity started. If you are someone who considers himself a hardcore Korean shows fan then you should definitely watch this movie. In the next section, I’ll discuss the storyline of this movie with you.

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The Way Home – What is it about?

the way home 2

The plot of the way home revolves around the life of a child and his grandmother. The story of this movie starts with a fresh picture of a summer morning where the birds are chirping. Then you will see a young small boy who is Sang-Yoo. The little boy is holding her mother’s hand and they both were leaving the city and going to more rural areas which were later revealed to be the little boy’s grandmother’s house. 

It was hard for a 7-year old boy to settle in the rural area when he has a habit to roam the busy streets of Seoul. Both the mother-son duo is facing some serious financial issues and living in the city becomes hard for them. The mother was the only earning member of the house and she was unable to afford the schooling and education of her child. 

She decided to leave her son at his 78-year old grandmother’s house. They took a bus to the village and finally reached their final destination. 

Now, the mother told her mother that she will return early and till then she has to take care of her son Song-Yaa.

Living with her grandmother, Song-yaa becomes very self-obsessed and he never really cares much. Her grandmother who loves her grandchild unconditionally always tries to fulfill his demand. She started to sell melons so that they both can afford a good lifestyle. But the small kid never really loved her grandma. He always disrespects her and teases her. 

Later in the story, the small boy falls for a girl who loves a country boy. Yeah, Korean stories are incomplete with a love triangle. After some time, the grandmother started to get ill. 

Song-yaa started to take care of her grandma and the story started to take an emotional turn. The story continues to follow the path and tears will flow till the end of the movie. If you haven’t watched the movie yet then I’ll recommend you to watch this movie now. 

Then comment down your thoughts about this movie. If you have already watched this movie before, comment down your favorite scene 🙂

The Way Home 2 – Is it going to happen?


The first part of this movie ends and it shakes the emotional stability of the hearts of many people. There is a thing about emotional movies that no matter how many times you watch them, the tears will be there. 

After the end of the movie, the people were looking at the updates. There are several speculations about this movie before and after almost 2 decades, the audience found a new home. The IMDb ratings have uploaded The Way Home 2 to their list and as the movie isn’t officially announced yet, what does it mean?

The IMDb ratings are already a well-known company that reviewed movies, shows around the globe and this couldn’t be a random mistake of their teams. 

The officials have nothing officially said about this news but the audience wants another part. It would be great to see Song- Yaa growing old and having the guilt to not love her grandmother enough. There would also be the romantic part in the story because that was already missing in the first part. 

I would really love to see what the writers have in their minds regarding the sequel and what message they want to tell after almost two decades. 

However, there is nothing officially confirmed yet and the audience wants to know the updates. If there would be anything released about this movie then, I’ll let you know. Keep this page as a bookmark to know what happens in future

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The Way Home 2 – What is the release date?

The Way Home was first released on 5 April 2005 and it became an instant hit among the people. The release of the first movie was a surprise hit for the production company and the movie became one of the most grossing films of South Korea. 

Now, after two decades, there are still the fans of this movie who want another part or another show for it. The producers haven’t released any statement. 

It becomes hard to comment on anything about this topic as there is no official announcement so far. 

What are the ratings of this show?

The audience loved this movie and considering the fact that it was released two decades ago, it was just a masterpiece. The critics rated this movie with the okay kind of ratings but it is okay because the audience has something else to say. 

The IMDb rating of the way home was 7.8/10/. The Rotten tomatoes for this movie is 75% and the Metacritics is 63% only.

On the other hand, the audience said that this movie was emotional and heart-touching for them. The acting of the cast is also very touching and strong. The audience rating summary of this show is 4.8 out of 5.

Final Words

The way home was an old classic South Korean movie that was released in 2002. The movie broke records and became one of the most viewed and highest-grossing movies of South Korea. After two decades of time, the audience is wondering if there will be another sequel for it. The officials have not confirmed anything regarding this movie. I am waiting for the official statement to come so that we can predict the future of this movie. So far now, there is nothing special happening with this movie. 

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