The Virtuoso: a Thrilling Action Movie That Depicts an Assassin’s Life!


David Mudd

The action movies which are filled with intense action are loved by all, and this amazing feature called ‘The Virtuoso‘ showcases the incredible cast under a good storyline

Accuracy and commitment are necessary for the profession of becoming a contract killer. It requires a complete lacking of emotions first and foremost. One has to be emotionless to understand what is meant by the phrase cold-blooded business. neither for the targeted nor the accompanying causalities.

If however the murderer experiences guilt, empathy, or remorse, that’s a completely another issue. The Virtuoso investigates the issue thematically, that is,  an assassin who is troubled by his own behavior.

Let’s check our familiarity with this action-thriller movie now.

What Was the Release Date of the Virtuoso Film?

The Virtuoso

In Santa Ynez, California, the filming took place in January 2019. Around late March as well as early April 2019, Scranton, Pennsylvania was involved in the filming of the film.

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The movie’s North American but also U.K. licensing rights were bought by Lionsgate Films in March 2021, and then on April 30, 2021, it must have been concurrently released in theatres, on VOD, and online. Around May 4, 2021, it was made available on DVD as well as Blu-ray through Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

What is the Storyline of the Action Movie?

The Virtuoso

The contract killer named The Virtuoso operates for The Mentor, a former soldier. He is given assignments by the mentor, and even the virtuoso gets paid well for completing them.

The contract killer and also the mentor conduct all business by postal letter and confidential telephone conversation. The entire process is carried out in a discreet manner and with the utmost professionalism.

The paper piece containing the target’s identity, place, as well as time is transmitted to Virtuoso. Virtuoso’s responsibility is to fulfill the customer’s requests, which typically involve bringing a conclusion to the issue.

The Virtuoso receives an urgent task from the mentor in which he must assassinate a local council CEO who has recently been fired by the court.

The customer stipulates that his death must appear to have been a mishap, and the procedure must be completed in much less than 48 hours. Usually, the Virtuoso needs a lot of time to schedule these visits, but in this instance, he is not requested.

In his hurry, he botches the assignment, killing his targets as well as a woman who was also burned and killed on the way. The kid’s screaming is still clear inside the Virtuoso’s ears as he is not able to wipe the vision from his mind.

Discussions between the two men reveal that perhaps the mentor was indeed the Virtuoso’s family’s acquaintance when they subsequently cross paths near the latter’s grave.

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Each of them had been involved in the military, while Virtuoso comes from a long line of soldiers. The mentor tells The Virtuoso the tale to illustrate the point that there is absolutely no place for regret or shame in business whenever he asks more about security.

The mentor as well as the late father of the Virtuoso were fortunate not to have heard such screams, and Virtuoso was anticipated to follow in their footsteps. Ultimately, he must get past whatever bothers him as well as discard it as fast as possible.

The mentor gives The Virtuoso an additional task to complete, however, the client withholds a significant amount of data at this moment. He was simply given a name, “White Rivers,” as well as the target’s time and location, which is in a primitive cafe inside the dying town, around 5 p.m.

Once inside, the Virtuoso discovers a number of potential targets. He is wary of everybody because he is unable to interpret the significance of the moniker “White Rivers.”

Another guy, The Loner, Handsome Johnnie, Johnnie’s Girl, The Waitress, and indeed the county sheriff himself are already on the list of suspects.

The Virtuoso needs to rapidly connect the target and discover the truth about “White Rivers” just before the night is already out. However this round, the assassin ends up jeopardizing his goal by taking a large amount of collateral. This task ends up being his demise.

Who Are the Main Cast Members of the Film?

The Virtuoso

The Virtuoso’s title role is played by Anson Mount in the movie. Anthony Hopkins, who recently picked up his second Best Actor Academy Award for The Father, played the role of The Mentor.

Abbie Cornish, who played the Waitress in the film was also seen in incredible movies like Bright Star and Candy, Eddie Marsan, who portrayed the role of the Loner, and David Morse, who played the Deputy, round out the primary group.

With their weathered appearances and enigmatic presence, the cast members instantly enhance whatever they’re a component of.

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Whenever Cornish makes an appearance, The Virtuoso almost becomes more interesting. This Australian girl who Mount is getting closer to seems to be naturally attractive. She has become so good at it that she actually manages to briefly humanize his character.

Individuals designated as that of the Loner, The Waitress, Handsome Johnnie, with Johnnie’s Girl, The Deputy, along with very few more like a motel clerk as well as a troubled couple bickering at a gas station, fill out this little piece from the inside of the neighborhood joint for the evening.

To the accompanying cast’s credit, they did the finest job of raising the intensity of the action in the movie.

Trailer of The Virtuoso!

Let’s get a glance over those deadly assassins through this action-packed trailer.


What is the IMBD rating of the film The Virtuoso?

The IMBD rating of the film The Virtuoso is 4.9/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the Action film?

The estimated runtime of the film is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Who is the producer of the film?

The film The Virtuoso is produced by Nick Stagliano.


The Virtuoso gets off to a strong start, and its first sequence is actually rather intriguing. In it, we observe Mount’s killer expertly murder his most recent victim while methodically detailing that however much opportunity he had left to flee.

The Virtuoso’s co-writer as well as director Nick Stagliano teases at a classiness, speed, and tone that just might make the movie enjoyable, even though it isn’t really suspenseful or educational.