The Veil Season 2: Elisabeth Moss Share her Views About the Possibility of Season 2



Created by Steven Knight, who is known for his incredible work for Peaky Blinders, and starring Elisabeth Moss, who is known for her powerful performance in The Handmaid’s Tale, we have a newly released series, The Veil.

The story centers around Imogen Salter, a highly skilled British MI6 agent with sharpened instincts that help her uncover even the most uncomfortable and dangerous of truths. 

As the first season of the show is officially concluded, it left fans amazed regarding the possible future of the show. The viewers are keen to know about the possibility of season 2. In today’s article, we will delve deeper into the possibility of the next season of this drama. We know you guys have multiple questions, from the release date to the cast and we are here to talk about it.

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Genre Thriller
Created by Steven Knight
Written by Steven Knight
  • Elisabeth Moss
  • Yumna Marwan
  • Dali Benssalah
  • Josh Charles
  • Thibault de Montalembert
Music by Jon Opstad
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of episodes 6
Executive producers
  • Steven Knight
  • Denise Di Novi
  • Elisabeth Moss
  • Daina Reid
  • Lindsey McManus
  • Adrian Kelly
  • Xavier Roy
Cinematography Bonnie Elliott
  • Hunter M. Via
  • Nikki McChristie
Running time 38–67 minutes
Production companies
  • Nebula Star
  • Di Novi Pictures
  • Love & Squalor Pictures
  • FXP
Network FX on Hulu
Release April 30 –

May 28, 2024

What is the Release Date of Veil Season 2?

As season one of the series gets concludes, the viewers become excited to witness the release of the next season. Starring Elisabeth Moss, as Imogen, in the series, the show already got a lot of talk around.

Recently, in an interview, the actress also released a statement where she hopes the series will return for season 2. She further revealed her desire to play the role of Imogen and explore her life. As per her statement, it was clear that there are chances for the viewers to extend the series behind season 2.

According to her, season 1 was just the beginning and the character development of Imogen is yet to be revealed.

The actress, in an interview with Collider, said, “When we got to the end of the season, I felt like we had just started. We’ve just scratched the surface. There’s no other way for me to say it. She’s [Imogen] so interesting and complicated and good at what she does. The opportunity to drop her into different locations, give her another mission, have her play somebody else, and give her another name, it just seems like it’s too fun not to think about.”

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The Veil Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Viewers are eagerly anticipating the release of season 2. As of now, we don’t have any updates on the next season of the show. However, even if season 2 comes, the following characters will be back.

  • Elisabeth Moss as Imogen Salter
  • Yumna Marwan as Adilah El Idrissi
  • Dali Benssalah as Malik Amar
  • Josh Charles as Max Peterson
  • Thibault de Montalembert as Magritte
  • James Purefoy as Sir Michael Althorp
  • Dan Wyllie as Guy
  • Joana Ribeiro as Sandrina
  • Haluk Bilginer as Mr. Demir
  • Alec Secăreanu as Emir
  • Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Johnson
  • Nadia Carbine as Nour
  • Keyla and Neyla Bara as Yasmina, Nour’s niece
  • Phill Langhorne
  • Aron von Andrian

The Veil Season 2 Plot Updates: What to Expect with it?

The Veil season 2

In one of the interviews with Elizabeth Moss, who plays Imogen Salter in the show, revealed the details of the series by saying, “I love that. It’s a very brave thing to do. It’s bold and you don’t see it that often. What I love is that you discover them, as an audience, throughout the show. What you see from these two women in episode three is different from episode one, and episode five is different from episode six.

That’s so fun to watch, and it’s very fun to do. To have that constant peeling of the onion of these two women is incredibly compelling and, as an actor, it’s really fun because you get to keep developing and pushing the character along through six episodes rather than just doing the same thing every episode. You get to discover whole new parts of her.

The person that she is in that first scene is different from the person she is in the second scene. That’s why it’s so interesting to watch because we’re not just learning about her, but she’s also learning what she needs to do to keep adjusting, to figure out how best to handle the situation and to get out of it, and what she wants.

The Veil Season 2 Official Trailer

The official trailer for season two of the series has not yet been released. We know there are a lot of people who are waiting for the trailer for the new season, but without the confirmation, we can’t say anything. Till then, stream the season 1 here.

Where to watch the show?

A lot of people are excited to watch the series, and if we are one of them, then you can stream the show on Hulu.

Hulu is one of the biggest platforms that has already worked with tons of series. Head to our website, for trending news buzz and get all the latest updates on the upcoming events around the show.

What are the Ratings of the show?

Before concluding this article, let’s take a look at the ratings of the show in detail. Continue watching the series and find out everything.

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Final Verdict

The Veil has officially marked the release of its first season. The popular drama series has already concluded the episode of the series. As the show ended on a climactic note, leaving fans amazed, the viewers are looking for the new season.

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