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The Vampire Diaries Season Ranking (Worst to Best)

the vampire diaries

The Vampire Diaries was probably the greatest show on TV for a long time since it initially broadcasted in 2009. The extraordinary teenager show depended on the book series of a similar name by writer L. J. Smith and created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, bringing about 171 episodes across eight seasons and two side projects.

After the release of last season, the fans are expecting the release of The Vampire Diaries Season 9 in 2021.

What if I tell you that I haven’t watched the series initially when it was released but I have watched it a few years ago and now I have decided to make notes of each season and rank them according to me.

Obviously, I needed to achieve something with this binge watch so I concluded it would be a smart thought to make notes of each season and rank them likewise. Warm update that this is my assessment doesn’t murder me for this and this is your spoiler cautioning as I will examine numerous moments from all seasons so in the event that you haven’t seen everything be prepared.

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Season 1 (Worst)

The first season of The Vampire Diaries is nostalgic for the fans of the show and if you are a true fan of The Vampire Diaries then you have definitely seen the first season more than once. If you are watching this season for the first time then it is a great season to watch.

But if you compare the first season with the other season than you will find out that it is a bit of a slog. It intensely centres around Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) backstory with Katherine (Nina Dobrev) and keeping in mind that it is significant data all in all it isn’t that energizing. The season additionally comes up short on the presence of a reliable and great villain.

Damon is awarded the villain treatment for most of the period and you could think about John Gilbert (David Anders) and Isobel (Mia Kirshner) as adversaries somewhat yet the stakes aren’t high.

The primary season of The Vampire Diaries includes 22 episodes for setting up the characters, history and settings. That is quite a while to spend simply doing that. At the point when I consider season 1 I generally think the tomb vampires get out around midway and afterwards create an uproar yet on reflection, they don’t do a lot.

I likewise think Katherine is there however she never shows up until the last scene. You never truly get the feeling that anybody is in genuine danger.

Season 5

At the start of season 5, Ric (Matt Davis) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) are dead. Tyler (Michael Trevino) is missing for a decent piece, Stefan is secured a safe and unloaded in a quarry, Matt (Zach Roerig) has an explorer in his mind yet it scarcely tended to and the firsts aren’t there any longer on account of the side project, that is a lot of characters MIA.

I really figure they hadn’t planned season 5 altogether enough. It’s very conflicting and they move starting with one thing then onto the next before long. I additionally don’t think they zeroed in on the most fascinating things.

The entire Augustine thing was so fascinating in contrast with the adoration triangle from 2000+ years prior with Silas. The season has noteworthy minutes, yet in general, it’s equitably disorganized prompting the huge reset in the last scene when everybody returns to life.

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Season 8

If I talk about the last released season i.e. Season 8 was isn’t that bad, but it doesn’t feel like the finale that I was expecting. First and foremost, there was a great deal going on. I don’t think they expected to acquire more villains.

The sirens were very pointless and the storyline progressed excessively fast for the scene that they had. In the event that this season had been 22 scenes like different seasons, perhaps it would have worked better, but since it was just 16 they hurried through a lot of storylines.

The idea of facing against hell and the devil sounds great on paper but honestly, this storyline will be better fitted in The Originals than TVD. The death of Tyler was unjustified and cheap that is something from which the Demon get away with.

I don’t see how Katherine became queen of Hell or how, after everything, they attempted to cause it to appear like Damon was the acceptable sibling and better man the entire time.

Season 6

This season begins as a gigantic step up to season 5. There’s a solid gathering of characters since half of them dead, just as a couple of new ones. There’s an interesting reason with Damon and Bonnie stuck in the jail world and after season 5 the lone way truly is up. Be that as it may, sadly the second 50% of the season misses the mark and at last pulled this season down a couple of indents on this ranking.

It is so frustrating that the following half doesn’t coordinate with the primary half since it truly is a decent season up till about the seventeenth/eighteenth scene mark. I love Jo and the entire Gemini Coven is a particularly engaging and energizing storyline. Kai (Chris Wood) is a decent character and its truly ideal to see the witches become the strong focus for a change.

The last couple of scenes were somewhat confused truth be told and it irritates me how concerned everybody is about Elena in the last scene when Jo and the entire Gemini Coven just died. There’s actually no notice of Jo or the coven in that last scene.

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Season 3 (Best)

The series truly has an opening in it when they leave toward the finish of season 4. Like season 2, this season has a decent flow and movement for the most part through the originals. It begins with Klaus off attempting to make new combinations, in the end succeeding and transforming Tyler, you additionally meet Rebekah (Claire Holt) and afterwards Mikael (Sebastian Roche) who attempts to murder Klaus.

What’s more, Caroline’s father, Bill (Jack Coleman) appears, Jeremy gets shipped off to Denver, Alaric dies and Elena suffocates with vampire blood in her system assisting her progress toward the start of season 4. Again there’s sufficient to keep things engaging and with the measure of Mikaelson’s, there are you never run out or need to look too far to even consider finding an enemy. It’s incredible. I simply enjoy this season!

Final Words

After the 8 seasons of The Vampire Diaries, every fan including me is waiting for The Vampire Season 9 which is expected to release in 2021. I hope you like this article. Comment down your feedback and do share it with your friends and mates.

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