The Upshaws Season 5: Netflix Finally CONFIRMED The Renewal of the Show!



The finale season of Upshaw’s Family has allowed the viewers to see what the potential feature of the show will look like. We already know that there are a lot of people who are waiting to hear the next detail of the show ahead of the release of season 4. There was a lot of excitement to watch the future of the series.

Amazing drama series which has marked the release on OTT platform has a lot of potential. The show has already released its fourth installment, back-to-back, and now viewers are excited to see the future of the series. We have generally seen how the majority of shows are concluded within three or four seasons and that’s what the viewers of this series concluded.

After watching the finale episode of season four, many rumors were running around the Internet about the conclusion of the family drama series. Well, with a lot of things running around the Internet. Regarding the show, we are here with some of the Heated details. I know that viewers are excited to watch it and we are here today about them. Continue reading the article so that you don’t miss anything about season five.

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Genre Sitcom
Created by
  • Regina Y. Hicks
  • Wanda Sykes
  • Mike Epps
  • Kim Fields
  • Diamond Lyons
  • Khali Spraggins
  • Wanda Sykes
  • Journey Christine
  • Jermelle Simon
Opening theme “Solid” by Ashford & Simpson
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 32
Executive producers
  • Regina Y. Hicks
  • Wanda Sykes
  • Page Hurwitz
  • Mike Epps
  • Niles Kirchner
  • Annie Levine (season 3)
  • Jonathan Emerson (season 3)
Running time 25–29 minutes
Production companies
  • Savannah Sweet Productions
  • Push It Productions
  • Naptown Productions
Network Netflix
Release May 12, 2021 –


The Upshaws Season 5 Release Date: When is it going to be released?

After the successful conclusion of season one, the OTT platform didn’t take much time to renew the show. We have already seen how Netflix has always been consistent with the release of popular shows on the platform. Whether it is Sex Education, or Stranger Things. Netflix has always provided the best information regarding their favorite series and makes sure to extract the best of them.

Coming to the major question is regarding the renewal of this comedy-drama series. I know you have a lot of questions about it and you will be glad to learn that Netflix has already confirmed the future of the show. The series has already green-lit season 5 of the show.

After the end of season four, you are so excited to see the future of the show. The OTT platform didn’t take much time to confirm the next part of the series. At the time of writing, we don’t have any exact date, but seeing the pattern of the release date over the years, one can see that The Upshaws season five is likely to be released in 2024.

Note: this release date has been predicted by us after seeing the pattern of the show over the years. If there comes any information regarding the series, we will make sure to let you know through this article.

The Upshaws Season 5 Cast: Who will be in it?

Whenever we talk about anything serious, we need to go through the cast of the show. The cast of  The Upshaws is amazing, and we feel that if there comes a fifth installment of it, everyone is likely to return to the show. Check out the cast of the show to find out everything about the series.

  • Mike Epps as Bernard “Bennie” Upshaw Sr.
  • Wanda Sykes as Lucretia Turner
  • Diamond Lyons as Kelvin Upshaw,
  • Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah Upshaw
  • Journey Christine as Maya Upshaw
  • Jermelle Simon as Bernard “Bennie” Upshaw Jr.,
  • Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha Lewis,
  • Page Kennedy as Duck,
  • Mike Estime as Tony,
  • Dayna Dooley as Sheila,
  • Daria Johns as Savannah,
  • Jessica Morris as Amy,
  • Dewayne Perkins as Hector,
  • Leonard Earl Howze as Davis,

The Upshaws Season 5 Plot Updates: What to Expect with the show?

We already know that fans were curious to learn about the family and they were seeing the show as one of the potential series to be run on Netflix. Talking about the show says, “In the aftermath of her heart attack, Regina attempts to bring Bennie to therapy with her; an overwhelmed Lucretia starts to miss having her own space.

Lucretia receives life-changing news after agreeing to fund Bernard’s business; when therapy with Benny uncovers hard truths, Regina has a breakthrough. A hot-headed Bernard teaches Aaliyah how to drive, Regina and Bennie find new thrills in a sneaky rendezvous and Lucretia tries to resell gifts for money.

Aaliyah continues to shun Regina and a turn of events gives Lucretia cause for celebration, but not for long. Bennie acts fast when Kelvin lands in trouble. A surprise visitor puts Bennie’s loyalties to the test and Lucretia secures a new source of income that makes her circumstances more challenging. Now flush with cash, Bennie splurges on a gift for the kids that stirs up tension with Bernard; at a crossroads, Lucretia weighs a difficult decision.

The Upshaws Season 5 Official Trailer

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official trailer regarding the fifth season of the show.  Despite the fifth season of the show being confirmed, there are no actual updates on the release date and trailer for the series.

Everything regarding the series will be updated once we come to know about the show’s finale wrapped up. Till then we advise you guys to watch the official season of the show and see what the show is enclosed in.

Where to watch the show?

Excited to watch the new season? The Upshaws is officially streaming on Netflix. The OTT platform has the right to steam the show on the online platform and you must be one of those people looking forward to watching the series.

What are the ratings of the show?

The ratings of the series play an important role for the viewers to analyze the series better. In this section of the article, we will be going to explore what the views and critics have to say regarding the series. check out the online rating of the show and find out more about it.

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The Upshaws made its first debut on Netflix in 2021 and became an instant success. The comedy-drama series has a lot of competition among the other shows, but the series proved its dominance among the rest of the shows.

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