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The Upshaw: Plot | Cast | Platform


David Mudd

The Upshaws is the new comedy-drama on Netflix block. This multi-camera comedy is co-created by Regina Hicks and Wanda Sykes. It has the potential to be a great show Black-ish and Family Reunion. Whereas Black-ish focused on multiple social issues faced by the African American community in the mould of comedy,  The Upshaws focuses on pure comedy. The Upshaw is a must watch!

The first season premiered on Regina Y. Hicks, Wanda Sykes, Page Hurwitz, Mike Epps, Niles Kirchner serve as the executive producers of the show.

Take a quick look here to know about the new seasons, release date, cast and a quick recap.

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Plot of The Upshaw

The series focuses on the lives of The Upshaws, an African – American family who are just trying to make it in the world. 

Their humble and simple lives resonate with the viewers. Bennie Upshaw is a garage owner and his wife Regina is a nurse. Bernard Jr.is their first child. Later on, they became parents to two beautiful girls Aliah and Maya. 

Bennie has another son, Kelvin. He fathered him with his ex-love interest, Tasha. 

Apart from them, there is Regina’s sister Lucretia, who is the main comic powerhouse of the show. Bennie only puts up with her because the kids love her and she too loves them. 

Bennie and Barnard jr.

a glimpse from the upshaw
Featuring a still from The Upshaw!

Regina and Bennie became parents back in high school, making Bernard they’re firstborn. Later on, Bennie kind of moves out of the picture and doesn’t play any significant role when Bennie was growing up. Bernard does not like Bennie for this reason. Deep down Bernard still believes Bennie has not changed, even though his mother believes Bennie will step up as a father and lets him stay with them. 

Bennie steals money 

Regina finds out that Bennie has stolen money from her. She had this money specially saved up for her GMAT. When first Bernard tells her, she does not believe him. She just wanted to cling to the belief that he had changed. But sadly, Bernard was right and Bennie is kicked out by a heartbroken Regina.

The GMAT stress

Regina takes preparation for the upcoming GMAT. But being a mother, a job holder and having a full house does not make it easier for her. She fails the exam. But she says with a new spirit that she will not give up until she qualifies. 

Little Girl at the Door 

the official cast of the upshaw
Featuring the amazing cast of The Upshaw

In the season finale, a little girl comes to meet Bennie. On being asked who she is, she tells Regina that she is Bennie’s daughter. 

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Lucretia of The Upshaw

Lucretia is Regina’s sister and the co-owner of Bennie’s garage. She is smart, caring, funny and knows the perfect timing for sarcasm.  Most of the comic moments stem from the bantering between Bennie and Lucretia. 

Season 2 of The Upshaw

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger which leaves plenty of room for a new season. 

On 12th May 2021, the renewal of the new season was confirmed by Netflix. Netflix has increased the number of episodes from 10 to 16. Tracey Pakosta, Head of Comedy, Netflix has said that she is impressed by the show and is happy to announce a renewal.

The Cast of The Upshaw

showcasing a happy moment from the upshaw
The Upshaws are one in a million!

The majority of the cast is from the African American community which is refreshing and important for representation at the same time. The ensemble of the cast includes the following actors.

  • Mike Epps – Bennie Upshaw
  • Kim Fields – Regina Upshaw
  • Diamond Lyons – Kelvin Upshaw
  • Wanda Sykes – Lucretia
  • Khali Spriggins – Aaliyah Upshaw
  • Page Kennedy – Duck
  • Journey Christine – Maya Upshaw
  • Michel Estime – Tony
  • Journelle Simon – Bernard
  • Gabrielle Dennis – Tasha 

Available on 

The series is available on Netflix.

Release Date of The Upshaw

The release date of Season 2 is not yet out.

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The post-pandemic world has started with a new zeal for happy and funny content. Laughter has become so rare and so important now, more than ever. The show has nice and typical family vibes to it. It is something you can enjoy anytime. That is the reason this sitcom has quickly impressed us. 

The lead cast of the show are seasoned comedians and they shine brightly in their own right. This multi-camera comedy is bound to remind you of some great comedy-dramas of the 90s. 

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