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The Twelve Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More! Catch Every Update Here

Courtroom series and dramas have a special fan following. The trials and arguments are equally amusing and mind-twisters. The Twelve is a Belgium TV series with the same settings. This series also has an Australian adaptation under the name The Twelve. The series revolves around the lives of 12 jurors, who have their struggles.

They all come together to decide the case of a woman accused of killing her own daughter and best friend. In this article, we bring to you everything we know so far about the Netflix series THE TWELVE Season 2. Every detail and update regarding the cast, plot, trailer and release date is covered below.

The Twelve Season 2 Expected Release Date 

THE TWELVE Season 2 is expected to be released in late 2024. The first season of this courtroom thriller drama has received lots of attention and praise from the viewers. Although there are no official announcements for the plan for renewal of this TV series by Netflix.

But, according to the latest updates from the makers The Twelve Season 2 is expected to premiere in 2024. However, these are speculations, there is no confirmation about the release date by the creators. If you are someone who is missing the Halloween vibe, then explore  Netflix’s Teen Scream Collection in the Enter If You Dare Halloween collection.

The Twelve Season 2  Expected Cast

The Twelve S2

There are no official announcements about the cast of The Twelve Season 2 yet. However, the main characters are expected to reprise their roles. Also, some new characters can join the cast of season 2 of The Twelve if renewed. Let’s take a look 

  • Maaike Neuville as Delphine Spijkers, one of the jurors.
  • Charlotte De Bruyne as Holly Ceusters, one of the jurors.
  • Tom Vermeir as Joeri Cornille, one of the jurors.
  • Peter Gorissen as Arnold Briers, one of the jurors.
  • Zouzou Ben Chikha as Carl Destoop, one of the jurors, who is autistic.
  • Piet De Praitere as Noël Marinus, one of the jurors.
  • Maaike Cafmeyer as Frie Palmers, the defendant. She is accused of killing her best friend and her own daughter.
  • Anne-Mieke Ruyten as Vera De Block, one of the jurors
  • Josse De Pauw as Ari Spaak, Frie’s lawyer.
  • Johan Heldenbergh as Stefaan De Munck, Frie’s ex-husband. 
  • Greet Verstraete as Margot Tindemans, Stefaan’s wife.
  • Koen De Sutter as Marc Vindevogel, Brechtje’s father.
  • Sophie Decleir as Inge Van Severen, Marc’s lawyer.
  • Mieke De Groote as Mia, president of the court of assizes
  • Isabelle van Hecke as Hedwig, the crown prosecutor
  • Mungu Cornelis as Fabrice Boks, a TV reporter

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The Twelve Season 2 Expected Plot

There is no official news or updates about the expected plot of THE TWELVE Season 2. The upcoming season is expected to carry forward the plot of the previous season. Let’s have a sneak peek into the plots and storylines from the previous season. 

Twelve citizens are called for jury duty on a high-profile murder trial as traumatizing as it is controversial, in which a woman stands accused of killing her sister’s child. As time goes by, the murder trial becomes a trial, not only for the accused but for the jury members themselves. Behind the façade of their anonymity, these twelve ordinary people bring with them their histories.

The Twelve S2

Lives that are as complex as the trial, full of fractured dreams, shameful secrets, hopes, fears, personal trauma and prejudice. Will they be able to bring the accused to justice? The series is worth watching for its thriller and mind-twisting plots and subplots. Check out What Does Killers Of The Flower Moon Mean? Explained Briefly!

Trailer of The Twelve Season 2 

There is no official news from the makers about the renewal so far. There is no official trailer available for THE TWELVE Season 2. The teaser and trailer are expected to hit the internet once the renewal of the season is confirmed by the makers. But till then, we just have to wait for the updates. You can watch the trailer of The Twelve Season 1 on YouTube here.

Where Can I Watch The Twelve?

All the episodes and seasons of The Twelve Season 1 are available on Netflix. You can watch The Twelve Season 2 on Netflix. The original Belgian version can be streamed on Een Network. The second season of the Belgian version has already been released on Een with 8 episodes. Watch the inside upheavals in criminal minds straight from FBI corridors in Mindhunter.

How Many Episodes Are There In The Twelve Season 2?

The Twelve S2

The Twelve Season 1 had a total of 10 episodes. The 1st season premiered in July 2020. The second season of The Twelve is expected to have a different set of 8 episodes. However, there are no official updates about the number of episodes for the upcoming season.


The Twelve mind-freezing  genre, coupled with impressive cast and portrayals, has captured the viewers’ attention, leaving them excited for more. The series grabbed more and more attention from the public with every passing episode. We all have to wait for the exciting news for the renewal or cancelled status of The Twelve Season 2.

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