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The Trip 2021: Know Everything About this Netflix Movie!

The Trip is a combination of comedy, thriller and somewhat horror movie and we are lucky that we got all these things in one packet. Tommy Wirkola Directed the movie in Norwegian language and the trip follows the story of a married couple who are upset and sometimes angry with each other and want to kill each other so that life insurance money will get to one of them.

One side Lisa, Lars' wife didn’t want to live with her husband and on the other side Lars wanted to live alone due to their financial problems and day to day fight and he can’t handle Lisa any more. Fights between these couples are interesting and makes the viewer laugh when Lars purchases many tools from the market to use in killing his wife as a serial killer.

Before attacking Lisa, Lisa attacks Lars in a funny way as she also has many things to taunt or kill Lars. The story is not series one but it is funny and horror with thriller drama. The film earned 6.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDb while got 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Table of Contents

The Trip Release Date

The Trip 2021

If you are waiting to watch this film then it is available to watch on Netflix which is directed by Tommy Wirkola and runs for 1 hr 53 mins.

The film was released on October 15 2021 on Netflix and these are the cast members who contributed in this drama-

  • Noomi Rapace as Lisa, wife of Lars.
  • Aksel Hennie as Lars, Lisa’s husband
  • Andre Eriksen as Roy, one of the member or the criminal.
  • Christian Rubeck as Dave, criminal
  • Atle Antonsen as Peter Larsen.
  • Nils Ole Oftebro as Mikkel, father of Lars.
  • Stig Frode Henriksen as Viktor.

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The Trip 2021: Plot

The Trip 2021

As I said above, the trip is a dark comedy film with a mixture of thriller and horror scenes of a married couple who always fight each other. The film is released in Norwegian language and these two couples named Lisa and Lars are always looking forward to killing each other.

They both are facing financial crisis and also want to take life insurance and it can only happen when one of them is passed. So they both decided to take a trip to the mountains and take a cabin to stay.

But their life changed when 3 inmates entered their house or cabin and tied up both husband and wife. These three prisoners are Dave, Petter and Roy and wanted to hide as they escaped and wanted to hide in a safe place and they made these couples hostages.

At that moment one of the inmates Dave threats Lars for rape but Lisa handles the situation by offering them a lot of money for both of their release because they don’t wanted to end each other like this.

While inmates accepted Lisa’s offer and left Lisa and Lars tied in a room and enjoying their cabin. Meanwhile Lisa and Lars started to figure out how they can free themselves from these people and told them that they wanted to go to the toilet.

When Roy is knocked down by Lars and the couple start to run, inmates hear the voice of chain break and start finding them. When the couple is discovered again by Roy, Lisa's husband fires him on Roy’s head so they can’t be followed by him.

Mikkel also appeared at their cabin and he injured Dave by shooting in Dave’s leg but he didn’t aware them Petter is coming from behind and can’t save himself as Peter staff Lars father ie. Mikkel from behind.

The couple runs toward the boat and Lars finds Dave before heading towards the boat where Lisa is trapped by Petter.

He kills Dave and wears his sweater and knows the fight is between Lars and Lisa vs Peter and not in that couple. And both of them manage to kill Peter and then throw him in the river.

However, the rope unfortunately stuck on Lars leg which made him to die and now Lisa has to decide whether he wanted to save his husband or not because finally the time came as she is close to her life insurance but shows her love towards Lars and saves him which is opposite to the starting condition.

The Trip 2021

Their story breaks on social media and they gain popularity and also fame and money in the end by removing some of the details which is not good to come over social media about the incident.

At that time they felt that they were alive but broken from inside as they wanted to kill each other without knowing the current situation in which both of them save each other and it shows how they love each other in any situation.

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Here is the Trailer for The Trip 2021 Movie-

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