Here Is All You Need To Know About The Tourist Season 2!



The Tourist is like a vacation you never want to end.

Jamie Dornan’s latest programme was more twisty and compelling than a typical BBC drama, so we hoped it would be renewed. It’s now!

Unsurprisingly, we wanted more. The Tourist drove iPlayer to its biggest festive day ever with 22 million streams in 2022. A new BBC record

Charlotte Moore, BBC’s Chief Content Officer, guaranteed new adventures in March.

Twelve million viewers watched The Tourist in its first 30 days, twice as many as Netflix’s most popular show, Stay Close. “The BBC’s reach is wider than we realise.”

Here’s all you need to know about the BBC’s The Tourist season 2.

When Will The Tourist Season 2 Air

We know season two is coming, but they’ll test our patience.

Emmy-winning producers and screenwriters Harry and Jack Williams (who developed Baptiste, The Missing, and Liar) will return. We know nothing else.

the tourist season 2

The series dropped on New Year’s Day 2022, and when the announcement was made in March, no filming had begun.

At the earliest, 2023.

Who’s In The Tourist Season 2: Cast Details

The amnesiac “hero” played by Jamie Dornan was the focus of the first season of The Tourist, but the ending left his future up in the air.

The Man (now named Elliot) attempted suicide after finding he was involved in a drug cartel and responsible for the lives of two women he pushed into trafficking for him.

That’ll hurt anyone who thinks they’re good.

Dornan told RadioTimes that The Tourist was originally a one-off. After 12 million viewers watched in the first 30 days, the actor pondered reprising the role.

“The ending is open-ended, so people still have questions,” he remarked. “We had solid plans and wanted it, but the response has been incredible and the passion for it is true.

“I noticed something the other day that stated they’re considering a second season if there’s a demand, and there is,” he remarked. We’ll see. The intention was to only play The Man once.

Dornan has never played a character who doesn’t know who he is, so he drew on instances where he felt “lost or terrified.”

“I’ve never had to tackle a character who doesn’t know who he is, so it was a total opposite process for me,” he told Variety.

“I drew on my most vulnerable moments, when I felt lost or terrified.”

the tourist season 2

“The way it swings from drama to comedy,” he said, When you believe you understand, you’re mistaken.

Shalom Brune-Franklin as Luci and Danielle Macdonald as Helen Chambers will join Dornan in season two if Elliot lives and comes back.

Danielle was asked if she’d return for a second season on This Morning (via The Express). Her response: “Would I watch more? Obviously!

I enjoyed the script, the characters, and the universe. I’d do it again, but I don’t know whether that’s planned. “

Who Are Other Members In The Cast

Sue Genevieve Lemon, Danny Adcock, DI Lachlan Rogers, Alex Andreas, Freddie Lanagan Maria Mercedes.

Lafur Darri Lafsson and Alex Dimitriades’ characters died in season 1.

What will happen in season 2?
At the end of season one, Elliot learned he was a drug trafficker before losing his memory, driving him into a spiral where he drank vodka and swallowed pills to take his life.

A buddy advises a disgusted Helen to accept him for who he is now. As Elliot dies, she sends him a burrito emoji, his’ happy place’ Before the credits, Elliot smiles after seeing the message.

Danielle MacDonald said she called Shalom Bruno-Franklin after finishing the series. ” I said, “I can’t talk to anyone about this since no one has read it. Therefore, I need you to talk to me.” We need to discuss everything.

We asked Dornan and Brune-Franklin if season one offers a complete story or if they will return.

“Armageddon finishes the series, so life’s over,” they laughed. Now that we’ve seen the finale, we know this is true for Dornan’s character. Read about his odds of survival and more here.

The Tourist’s creators weigh in. Williams told RadioTimes: “I’d love to work with these individuals again. I’m sceptical. I enjoy the world’s tone. We’ve been more involved with it than any other show for three years.” “Every minute was fun. Even after 900 cuts of one episode, I still adore it and would do it again.”

the tourist season 2

Co-creator Jack Williams said, “We’re talking about returning to this universe.” Yeah, this tone. I don’t think so. We’ll see if folks like the story.

What Did Jamie Dornan Has To Say About The Show

Jamie Dornan said in March 2022 that he wouldn’t mind returning, but added: “Not really. We joined. “

He’s not against going back to Elliot’s life and uncovering more, comparing it to The Fall, in which he starred with Gillian Anderson. “The Fall was one series,” he stated. “The fall was popular, so we made other seasons.”

People enjoy The Tourist in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and elsewhere, so who knows? I’ve heard chatter. I’d want to, but we’ll see. “

Considering the finale, the show might go two ways. First, make it an anthology where the entire cast is wiped out and everything is reset, with a new ‘tourist’ having as many difficulties as Jamie Dornan.

Second, let Elliot survive and try to make peace with his history. We’ll soon know.