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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in North Carolina: An Insightful Analysis



North Carolina, known for its picturesque landscapes and warm southern hospitality, is a state of contrasts. While many areas boast safety and community spirit, certain cities struggle with high crime rates. This article delves into the top 10 most dangerous cities in North Carolina, providing statistics and insights to understand better the challenges these communities face.

1. Lumberton

Lumberton tops our list as the most dangerous city in North Carolina. With a relatively small population of 19,025, the city has a crime rate of 132.30 per 1,000 residents, making it 435% more dangerous than the state average. The likelihood of becoming a victim here is 1 in 27, with property and violent crimes being prevalent​​.

2. Albemarle

Albemarle’s crime rate stands at a worrying 6,588 per 100,000 people, 149% higher than the state average. Residents face a 1 in 16 chance of becoming a crime victim. The city’s issues are compounded by poverty and lack of employment, contributing significantly to its high crime rate​​.

3. Reidsville

Reidsville, with a population of 14,125, has a crime rate of 56.71 per 1,000 people, making it 124% more dangerous than the North Carolina average. The city sees a fair share of property crimes and a 1 in 17 chance for residents to become victims of violent crimes​​.

4. Rockingham

Despite its small size, Rockingham’s crime rate is alarmingly high at 5,556, 110% above the state average. Gangs and drug activity significantly contribute to this, with 66 violent crimes reported in a recent year, including 4 murders​​.

5. Gastonia

Gastonia, with around 81,000 residents, faces a crime rate of 48.49 per 1,000 people. The likelihood of becoming a victim of a violent crime here is 1 in 21. The city also experiences high rates of property crimes, including burglary and theft​​.

6. Whiteville

Whiteville’s small population of 5,000 belies its high crime rates, with a staggering 1 in 6 chance of becoming a crime victim. Property crimes occur at a rate of 107.33 per 1,000 people, while violent crime also remains a significant issue​​.

7. Greensboro

In Greensboro, with a population of 298,263, residents face a 1 in 23 chance of becoming a victim of any crime. The city’s crime rate is 71% more dangerous than the national average, with 2,713 violent crimes, including 59 murders, reported in a recent year​​.

8. Fayetteville

Fayetteville’s crime statistics are concerning, with 2,065 violent crimes and 7,240 property crimes reported in a recent year. The chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 100, and for property crimes, it’s 1 in 29​​.

9. Henderson

Henderson, known as the murder capital of North Carolina, poses significant safety concerns. The city faces a high rate of violent crimes, including assaults, earning it a notorious reputation​​.

10. Williamston

Rounding out our list is Williamston, a city where a fifth of its residents live below the poverty line. This economic struggle contributes to its fifth-highest burglary rate in the state​​.


These cities highlight the complex issues of crime and safety in North Carolina. While these statistics may paint a bleak picture, it’s important to remember that each city has its unique challenges and strengths. Addressing these issues requires a multifaceted approach, including enhancing law enforcement, community engagement, and socio-economic development.

By understanding and acknowledging these challenges, North Carolina can work towards creating safer and more prosperous communities for all its residents.