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The Tomorrow War: Release Date | Cast | Plot


David Mudd

The Tomorrow War is an upcoming American movie written by Zach Dean and directed by Chris Dean. The movie is a mix of various sub-genres — science fiction, alien invasion, technology stuff, time travel, and so on.

Sci-fi action seems to be the ruling trend of the moment in the film industry and all productions are trying their luck and throwing their hat in the competition. Paramount Pictures is no exception. The genre of sci-fi has some truly great predecessors which create the buzz of expectations and for fair reasons. 

Whenever directors wanted to explore a different version of reality or experiment with various ideas of life as well as death, science fiction has always been their top choice. One look at Marvel’s movies and series and this becomes a fact. But when it comes to Alien Invasion movies we have already witnessed some amazing movies and they set a certain standard for us. This is where the challenge of THE TOMORROW WAR begins.

The Tomorrow War has everything it needs to make it a really good movie. This article covers in detail whatever you need to know about the movie before you watch it.

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Plot of The Tomorrow War

featuring a wallpaper starring chris pratt from the tomorrow war
Chris Pratt is once again here to save the humanity

In 2051, the world faces a deadly threat — an unprecedented alien attack that forces the entire world towards ultimate destruction. At this point, time travelers travel to the past to convey the horrifying events of the future and seek help. 

To save the Future, Drafts from the Present are sent into the Future to battle the most terrifying of aliens. These aliens are described as extremely clever, vicious and powerful, known as White Spikes.

Dan Forester, who is a simple family man and loves his daughter to death, becomes one of the drafts who gets selected for this possibly one-way trip to Future. 

The Complicated Splendour of the story

Even though there are a lot of movies on alien invasion and saving the planet, few make it to the top where they earn audiences’ love. This movie has the potential to do so. Even though Dan is committed to his family, he is more insecure than lets on. Even though he has a happy and simple life, his insecurities are far greater. He aspires to be a great scientist. It is his journey into the future that becomes an eye-opener.

When he goes into the military scientist he works with turns out to be his daughter Moori. The war cost him a lot more than he was prepared himself for. It is really beautiful to see Dan and Moori in future, bonding. Moore tells his father he will divorce her mother in future because of his own insecurities. As Dan goes on to battle, he faces a psychological crisis. Now that he knows the future, he regrets not appreciating his life more.

After coming back to his present life, Dan tries to find the source of the problem. His students help him find out the cause -that alien ship landed on earth 1000 years back. The alien ship is found to be crashed inside the Russian Glaciers. But due to the horrible climate change, to which the humans paid no attention, and thereby sealed their fate.

In addition, humans kept doing things that ultimately destroy the very planet to inhabit.

The Lesson

The movie has used irony in a really smart way. The humans brought this nightmare upon themselves and they must pay the price. This movie highlights one of the most crises of our times which will affect the lives of billions of people in future. The horror of nature has already been unleashed upon us. We kept exploiting and torturing nature for benefits. But if we don’t learn now, we don’t have a future to learn from.

Trailer of The Tomorrow War

A second, final trailer was published only weeks before the film’s worldwide release in June 2021, giving us a closer look at the spectacular prospective action sequences.

A reminder of War of Worlds

Any movie that has alien invasion and a compelling father-daughter duo is bound to remind us of Spielberg’s War of the World. So a comparison with the Tom Cruise movie is inevitable. Hopefully, this movie too will explore the beautiful relationship between Dan and his young daughter.

A movie with high hopes

This Chris Pratt starring movie is one of the most waited ones. They offer every typical ingredient of sci-fi movies — hi-tech battle suit, super-advanced weaponry, deadly aliens, and lots of explosions and tons of action sequences to sweep you off your feet. 

Jennifer Salka the Head of Amazon Studios has declared that she is excited about this movie. She has also said,

“‘The Tomorrow War’ will be a global event that will surprise and delight our customers around the world” and she added that “Director Chris McKay has brilliantly crafted this unique, action-packed sci-fi escape that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats and tug on their heartstrings with its father-daughter storyline.” 

Amazon, which is responsible for a global watch of the Movie, has branded their shipping boxes. This innovative marketing strategy has spiked up the expectations further.

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Star-Lord is back! 

featuring chris pratt from the tomorrow war
The extremely talented Chris Pratt, the Star Lord is here!

Chris Pratt, Marvel’s Star-Lord is back as Dan Forester who will fight the deadly aliens to save the Future for his daughter. Chris Pratt, who was the lead in the Jurassic World Series as the Dino – Dad Owen Grady, and has become super famous after he was launched as Marvel’s Star-Lord. His skills as an actor are already well — established too. A lot of us will not forget “Passengers” where he played his role brilliantly, along with Jennifer Lawrence.

Now he’s expanding the number with Amazon Prime’s time-traveling sci-fi epic The Tomorrow Fight, in which mankind loses a war against alien invaders in 2051 and must enlist troops from the past to save the planet.

It’s an interesting idea, and the latest teaser takes the most out of it, replete with ruined cities, numerous explosions, and massive swarms of alien foes, as well as some of Pratt’s characteristic comedy.

This movie offers the actor yet another chance to prove his capacities and how far he has come since his early days. It’s pretty fair to say that the actor has put a lot of effort into this and the movie deserves to be watched.

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Director Chris Mackay of The Tomorrow War

 Chris Mackay is known for The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman 2. In The Tomorrow war, he has worked as Director. The producers have openly expressed their praises of the director and declared that this movie has a really good chance of being successful.

Money Hype

The Tomorrow War was supposed to be released in the cinemas in July. But, the ongoing pandemic has made the producers consider otherwise. It has been reportedly told, worldwide watching rights have been sold for a crispy $ 200 million to the Amazon company. The steep deal predicts a strong outcome of the movie. 

The Cast of The Tomorrow War

the cast of the tomorrow war
From Left to Right: Betty Gilpin, Kiley Casciano, Chris Pratt, Ryan Kiera, Sam Richardson, Yvonne Strahovski and Edwin Hodge

The Tomorrow War will also include Oscar winner JK Simmons in conjunction with Chris Pratt in the starring role.

Simmons is most known for playing J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise, as well as roles in La La Land, 21 Bridges, and Whiplash, for which he received an Academy Award nomination.

He’s also known for working on television programs including Oz and Law & Order.

The lead female is played by Yvonne Strahovski, who is most recognized for her work on television shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Dexter, and Chuck.

Her most well-known cinematic performances to date are The Predator, I, Frankenstein, and Jason Statham’s Killer Elite.

Betty Gilpin from Netflix’s GLOW, Edwin Hodge from the Purge flicks, and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who rose to stardom as Chloe O’Brian in 24 are among the supporting cast members.

Sam Richardson, Theo Von, and Mike Mitchell, all well-known comedians, have been announced to feature in the movie.

The Visuals of The Tomorrow War

The movie is going to be a great visual experience. It has been shot with the help of both animation and animatronics. Watching it on a big screen is going to be an intense cinematic experience. 

The sci-fi flick has a pretty neat action sequence as well. It involved extreme workout training on the part of the actors and super challenging stunts to make fight scenes come real. 

Release Date of The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War has eventually taken up residence with Amazon Studios, which intend to broadcast it on their streaming platform, Prime Video, on Friday, July 2nd, 2021, after several setbacks due to the current epidemic.


Movies like Battleship, The Invasion, Avatar, Minority Report, and the amazing  War of the Worlds by Steven Spielberg have left an indelible mark on our hearts and we will never forget them. Needless to say, the viewers have high expectations from this venture as well. 

Nonetheless, Trailer has given us hope. the time travel, dangerous aliens, and Earth’s heroes to save the world — All seem to be just waiting to surprise us. We hope that it does. 

For, the movie about winning a battle is just what we need at the moment.