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The Thinning Season 3| Release Date| Cast| Trailer And More


David Mudd

Has Youtube canceled The Thinning forever, or will it return for the third installment? Well, here are all the updates so far.

Produced by Michael J. Gallagher and distributed by YouTube Premium, The Thinning is an American action, drama, horror web movie. The series takes us to the future. It focuses on population control through school aptitude test.

The film debuted on YouTube and aired on October 12, 2016, with a total watch time of 83 minutes. Subsequently, the sequel having title The Thinning: New World Order released on 7 October 2018, with a watch time of 1 hour,29 minutes.

Now the fans are waiting to see the third installment. Below are all the updates regarding the same.

The Release Date of The Thinning Season 3. Who Will Be In It?

The creators have not said anything about the third installment. However, the film’s future is not secure due to the controversy following its Lead actor Logan Paul, who played Blake in the film.

The Thinning Season 3

Controversy – Logan Paul and his friends went to a forest in Japan, and there they found a dead body. They kept shooting the entire forest with some hilarious jokes around. That inhuman behavior of him invites severe criticism and severely affected the performance of the Thinning as well. Later Youtube cuts all the ties with the actor and snatched a popular series Foursome from him.

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Will The Thinning Return For The Third Installment?

Well, given Logan Paul’s controversy and the reaction of Youtube afterwords, it is unlikely the movie will return. The fanbase of the film kept decreasing after the controversy.

The Cast of The Thinning season 3. Who Will Be In It?

The potential cast for the series has not revealed so far, but we will see the main cast for sure that incudes-

The Thinning Season 3v

  • The famous Youtuber or, you may also be called infamous after the controversy, Logan Paul as Blake Redding. His girlfriend, Ellie Harper playing the role of Lia Marie Johnson.
  • Matthew Glave as Governor Dean Redding, the elected president, who want to end democracy in the U.S
  • Peyton List as Laina Michaels, a girl who came to know the truth regarding Redding
  • Rome Flynn as Jack, an FBI agent, helping the trio to reveal the truth of Redding.
  • We will not see Calum Worthy as Kellan Woods and Michael Traynor as Mason King. They died in the second installment.

We may encounter new characters as well.

The Plot of The Thinning Season 3. What to Expect from It?

The series set in the future timeline. The population has drastically increased. The situation has created several environmental problems. The authorities took severe measures to control the population. They decided to execute those who failed in the aptitude test.

The protagonist Blake, a high school boy, and Ellie Harper, a high school girl, took the aptitude test. As Elie and Blake were in love, they did not study for the exam. Consequently, Ellie failed, but Blake passed the exam. Blake requested his father to cancel the execution of Ellie, but he refused. Later Blake purposely failed the test, but his father exchanged his copy with Lina, one of the brilliant students. Soon Lina found out that the authorities purposely saved the rich student in exchange for the poor. She disclosed this to the media. Consequently, the authorities have to execute those who failed the exam, including Blake.

The Thinning Season 3

In the sequel, we saw the failed student never executed. Instead, they were sent to an underground tunnel to work for the tech company. Later Lina came to know about the truth. On the other hand, Blake and Ellie successfully escaped the tunnel. Later, the trio discovers that Georgina, who won the presidential election, wants to end democracy and freedom in the nation.

Well, the sequel has left us with many questions that require answers. Will the trio reveal the truth of execution? Will they stop Georgina from establishing Monarchy? Well, we will get to know in the third installment if ever made.

Is There Any Trailer Available for The Thinning Season 3?

The showrunner has not given the green signal to the third installment so far. Therefore, you cannot think of a trailer as of now. We will update here once the trailer arrives.

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What Is the IMDB Rating of The Thinning?

The first film of the series got mixed reviews and scored a rating of 5.5 out of 10. Following the controversy, the second movie performed worst and only scored 3.9 out of 10

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we watch The Thinning?

Currently, it is streaming on Youtube premium to watch. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video as well.

Final Verdict

Though the concept is unique, the movie failed to entertain the viewers. The viewers highly criticized the performance of the actors. The development of the plot is not smooth. They are just jumping from one scene to another. It is full of holes. The music is crap. The climax is horrible, and you not able to follow where the story is going. If you have not watched it so far, then don’t waste your time watching it.

If you have watched it, then do share your views about the films in the comment section.