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The Terminal List Starring Chris Pratt Upcoming Thriller Drama!

Looking for the conspiracy and upcoming thriller drama, then you can watch and read many thrillers and other dramas which are set to release in new year or next year 2022? There are a lot of shows which are picked by different platforms and the Terminal list is one of the thriller dramas which is picked by Amazon which is based on Jack Carr’s novel.

Amazon wanted to pick more shows after “The Tomorrow War” in which Chris Pratt is featured. So he is returning back in the upcoming drama “The Terminal List”.

You will get to know that James Reece (Chris Pratt) return back from the war or the fight in which his team was ambushed and he is feeling sad for the past memories but however he is not praised and only blamed that he is culprit or the person who is responsible for the death of his team and then he uncovers the conspiracy of the government in which most of the members are involved and it was preplanned fight which results in the death of the soldiers.

the terminal list

I am expecting that you will love this thriller drama with an impressive cast who contributed to this American drama which has an interesting story and is coming on Amazon. As I stated above that Amazon’s The Tomorrow War is successful, that’s why Amazon again picked this thriller drama of Chris Pratt.

This may be the reason for picking this drama by Amazon rather than other streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

As all know that the story is picked from Jack Carr’s novel which was published back in 2018 and earned large viewership and fans, so the same is expected from the upcoming The Terminal List which is set to come out in April 2022.

The drama shows the real battle and military operations which have happened and taken from the novel and in the plot he has to uncover a government conspiracy and also wants to protect the lives of his loved ones while struggling with past memories.

The popularity of the show increases due to the involvement of Chris Pratt in the show and it is also known from his official website that he is connected or has a background in Naval Special Warfare which results in adding more viewers to this upcoming show based on the novel.

Let’s move forward to know other things about this thriller drama starting from its release date, cast, story and so on.

When Will “The Terminal List” Come?

the terminal list

At the time of writing the official release date for the upcoming drama The Terminal List is not announced by Amazon and yet to be released. But expectations for the release date of this drama are in the early of 2022 or in April 2022 according to rumours. We will finally watch this drama upto the summers of 2022 if these rumours on the internet are to be true.

And when the drama release date comes near you will get its official release date.

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The Terminal List: Cast

the terminal list

These are the members who are appearing in the thriller drama picked by Amazon Prime-

  • James Reece by Chris Pratt.
  • Ben Edwards by Taylor Kitsch.
  • Katie Buranek by Constance Wu.
  • Lorraine Hartley by Jeanne Tripphlehorn.
  • Lauren Reece by Riley Keough.
  • Donny Mitchell by Patrick Schwarzenegger.
  • Lucy Reece by Arlo Mertz.

Some of the Recurring cast to this drama-

  • Commander Fox by LaMonica Garrett.
  • Nicole Deptul by Alexis Louder.
  • Vic by Tom Amandes.
  • Tony Liddel by JD Pardo.
  • Mac Wilson by Christina Vidal Mitchell.
  • Ernest “Boozer” Vickers by Jared Shaw with many other cast members.

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The Terminal List: Plot

In the Terminal List drama you will see that James Reece is the only survivor from his navy team as other members of his team are killed in a war and he returns to his home.

When he was thinking about his past time war he learned that it was the government conspiracy and he has to uncover this while protecting his family and friends from enemy

and the attack was not just an attack but a revenge from his own government.

Now he wanted to know who are the people behind the government who did this.

The Terminal List: Trailer

This time there is no official trailer came out for the upcoming movie but you can see 2018 The Terminal List Novel trailer which is given below-

There is enough time for the Terminal List new thriller drama till then read and watch Jack Carr’s Novel of the same name and also look at the latest dramas on

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