The Terminal List Season 2: When Can We See Chris Pratt Again in the Action Feature?


David Mudd

Everybody seems to be enjoying The Terminal List. The suspense series debuted on Amazon Video on July 1 and it has remained at the top of the broadcast provider’s daily Top 10 list since that. As a result, the interest in the Terminal List season 2 keeps increasing.

It’s the latest adaption of an action-packed series of novels from Amazon, a field in which they’ve dominated with bestsellers like Bosch, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, as well as Reacher. The Terminal List, inspired by Jack Carr‘s best-selling novel of the same title, describes the tale of James Reece, a Navy SEAL whose unit is attacked during a high-stakes clandestine assignment.

According to Amazon, Reece comes home to visit his family having mixed memories of the tragedy and doubts about his guilt. However, when more information emerges, Reece finds dark forces at work behind him, risking not just his life but also the safety of those he cares about.

So it appears like The Terminal List Season 2 will be renewed. The problem is that it hasn’t occurred yet. Let’s attempt to answer whatever doubts we might well have concerning a possible The Terminal List Season 2.

What Will Be the Release Date of the Terminal List Season 2?

The Terminal List Season 2

Since around July 26, Amazon had not ordered an extra season of The Terminal List, and it is somewhat surprising given how often shows like The Terminal List is revived. Reacher, for instance, got picked up for Season 2 just a few weeks once the first season began. However, The Terminal List has been out there for about a month with really no news of renewal.

In what seems like a joint interview by Screen Rant before the show’s debut, producer David DiGilio, creator Antoine Fuqua, as well as Jack Carr stated that they aim to continue if Amazon approves, and also that they “have a roadmap for every coming season of us” throughout the form of Carr’s novels.

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In other terms, they have plans for more seasons. And keep in mind, that they stated this since The Terminal List dominated Prime Video’s top 10 list for nearly four weeks. The Terminal List will indeed be renewed, and the only chance it won’t is if the actor, executive producer, as well as motivating factor behind the program Chris Pratt, is unable or unwilling to undertake another season. But it appears that he does.

Because there has been no definitive statement on some kind of new season launch date, the only information we have is the release timetables for similar Amazon series.

Throughout Season 3 until Season 6, new releases of Bosch would arrive on Prime Video around a year after the season prior. The pre-Covid release cycle for Jack Ryan was 14 months. With all those dates in consideration, we anticipate The Terminal List Season 2 would launch on Amazon around early 2024.

What Do We Know About the Storyline of the Film?

The Terminal List Season 2

Let’s believe there is a demand for season two since, contrary to perceptions, there’s room for too much of the compelling story.

Since we last encountered Reece, he went set sail calmly after executing everyone accountable for his family as well as troop’s deaths. Whereas the issue of vengeance has been resolved, he must confront the lethal tumor within his brain that led to the beginning of this sad series of events.

The reason for how Reece survived his lethal tumor could very well be crucial to the storyline. Reece must have come to embrace his death, therefore he would have been reluctant to seek a cure. Particularly since he had abandoned his will to live after the deaths of both his wife and his daughter.

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If indeed the tumor has not been as catastrophic as they thought, it might open up another whole jar of beans in terms of just how he deals with this truth and also where he proceeds from here. The FBI agent must have been having difficulty reconciling his choice to let Reece go free. Nevertheless, if he decides to follow Reece out, this would cause problems for them both, as Reece already has demonstrated that he will not come voluntarily.

The Terminal List Season 2 will continue Jack Carr’s chronology, as opposed to Reacher Season 2, which also will move towards the 11th of writer Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels.

Who Will Be There in the New Season?

The Terminal List Season 2

There are not too many individuals left at the very end of Season 1 who might be seen in Season 2. Chris Pratt is the only guy you can tell with sure will be returning.

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True Believer, on the other hand, adds a slew of new cast members that might draw much more A-list ability towards the show.

Trailer of The Terminal List Season 2!

As the season is yet to be revived, let’s enjoy the trailer of season 1, while we wait for the action series to come with a new season.


When did the first season of The Terminal List come out?

The first season of The Terminal List premiered on July 1, 2022.

What is the IMBD rating of The Terminal List?

The IMBD rating of The Terminal List is 8.1/10.

What are the main genres of the Amazon series?

The series falls into Action, Drama, and thriller.


Comparable series like Bosch, and Reacher, as well as Jack Ryan, has received extra season on Amazon, however, The Terminal List’s future might well be dependent on Chris Pratt’s hectic schedule. Given the foregoing, we predict there is a 65 percent possibility that the show will resume for Season 2.