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The Stand 2.0: Plot | Release Date | Cast


David Mudd

The Stand is a post-apocalyptic supernatural horror miniseries based on Stephen King‘s novel of the same name. The series tells the good old story of the battle between cosmic forces of good and evil and the importance of people making a stand for their choices. It tells us making the stand is important but maintaining it is more so. The Stand 2.0 is a must watch!

The Stand revolves around the fact that we always have a choice. The immune survivors are presented with two choices –either follow the wise words of Mother Abigail, Prophet of God or follow the temptations of Rendall Flagg, the son of Devil. 

The cosmic forces of Good and Bad once again engage in a war of words, using humans as their agents and making them take a stand. The ambiguous ending of this supernatural horror drama leaves enough scope for a good sequel. 

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Plot of The Stand.2.0

The storyline here is too close to feel good. It starts with the deadly virus that kills at ninety-nine per cent of the population, only a few hundred people dreaming. At this point, the people who were immune to the virus make a journey to meet Mother Abigail whose wisdom shows them the light in the time of sheer darkness.

The main event takes place in Boulder, Colorado where a couple of hundred people are left immune.  Among these people, five people are chosen by Mother Abigail who will lead this battle against the worst form of darkness. 

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Dark Man 

Dark Man is described as the son of the Devil himself. He manipulates people into telling him their deepest and darkest fears. He uses this fear to control people. He promises them tempting things for the future. First, he gives the impression that he will rise as the leader. But for himself soon comes out and he is seen for what he is – a power monger demon. 

The Resistance in The Stand.2.0

featuring a glimpse from the stand.2.0
The Stand.2.0 Season 1 -Rotten Tomatoes

There is a small group of people who received commands of Mother Abigail through dreams and telepathy. Stu Redman, Larry Underwood, Nick Andros, Prof. Glen and Tom Cullen who are differently able, Frannie Goldsmith,  Ray Brenner are people who become the face of good. 

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The Battle Ground 

The two battlegrounds are Boulder, Colorado where good people gathered and then there is New Vegas, where Dark Man Randall Flagg is running a police state.  

Nadine Cross: the wild card

featuring a glipmpse from stephen king's the stand
A still from 1994 The Stand

Nadine Cross is the woman who had visions of Flagg from the beginning. When she finally realises that she wants to break free, she offers her virginity to Larry. But Larry refuses. This leads Nadine to ultimately meeting Flagg and having no other choice she unites with him in sexual congress. 

In the middle of the act, Flagg reveals his real form which shocks and horrified Nadine. When Nadine realizes how things turn out, she takes the matter into her own hands. In a brilliant masterstroke, she dies in the hands of Flagg himself. Her smile in her very final moment implies that she got what she wanted as the unborn demon inside her dies too.

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Frannie Goldsmith and her story 

In a way, this series is Frannie’s story and how she brings the purest of life to a chaotic, sick and demon-ruling planet. Frannie’s fears are found out by Flagg and he tries to convince her to let her kiss him just once, thereby tempting her to do the forbidden. 

In an exhausting and tired moment, Frannie does consider doing so but rather bites his skin off. A heartbroken Frannie meets mother Abigail who tells her that she has done well by not giving up on the temptation. 

The scene is a close reference to the Bible; when Jesus was crossing the desert, he too was tempted multiple times but did not give in. 

The Finale of The Stand.2.0 

showcasing a still from the stand season 2
The Miniseries Stand.2.0 – Brings the best book to life!

The showdown takes place in Flagg’s hotel inferno. He was holding a mock trial of Larry and Glenn, planning to kill them by drowning. But their faith remains unflinching. Finally, a hand of God comes down and destroys him. 

Season 2 of The Stand

In the 2020 movie, we see that Randall is back again and alive. He is seen among some tribe and he kills the tribe man he meets, levitates himself and claims to be worshipped. He seems more powerful and ready to take on God himself. Now, this is not the ending of the book. This has engendered new and fresh speculations among fans. 


Stephen King’s horror drama is devoured with insane interest by his fans.  King has always been a master painter of characters. In this series, Alexander Skarsgard as Randall Flagg has done a massive job and deserves a second part. 

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