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The Society Season 2: Plot | Release Date | Cast


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Society is an American mystery drama series that may be seen as a modern-day take on Lord of the Flies. William Goulding’s Lord of Flies is about a similar incident in which boys, stuck in an uninhabited land, become the terrifying beast they were afraid of. The Society Season 2 will be a must watch. 

The show reveals the uglier side of human nature and the all-consuming power of hatred. What is more overwhelming is that the young actors have done an awesome job, bringing each character to life.  

With its first season finale, Netflix’s Young Adult fiction program The Society made viewers cry.

The suspense and the finale are only two of the many causes why people have been anticipating the second season’s arrival for quite some years.

So, what happened to the teenagers from West Ham?

Read on to know more about the plot, characters. In this article, we have gathered news regarding season 2 and much more. 

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Plot of The Society Season 2

The story is set in New Ham. A group of high school teenagers set out for a camping trip. Upon returning, they find something very strange– all the adults have vanished.

The world, as they knew it, had completely changed. Initially, this change received a warm welcome from the youngsters. For them, it means no parental supervision, no rules, no nagging, and unrestrained freedom. 

Soon they find out, living on their own might not be all that fun they thought it would be. Even a day ago who were kids, must fill the shoes of the adults or their city will be in grave danger. 

The story had all of the standard adolescent show cliches, such as teenage loves, social rivalries, and efforts to blend in, but there was an additional factor of gloom because the players were themselves alone. 

Initially, the kids are seen having fun, all-nighter parties, pretty much doing whatever they want. After one point, they realize that this can’t go on for long. 

They try to find out what happened while they were all gone. One of the teens, Gordie, concludes they are in a parallel universe which is a completely different world, a place empty of people and cut off from the rest of the world. It seems to be surrounded by Forrest and there is no going beyond.

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Lord of the Flies re-visited 

The show is pretty similar to William Goulding’s 1954 novel Lord of the Flies. The novel revolves around a few British boys who get stuck in a jungle during the War. The novel tells about the difficulty of forming and maintaining democracy as well as civilization. 

As more time passes, the ugly and cruel side of characters becomes predominant. Not only do they commit murders, but they revel in the grotesque deaths for which they are responsible. 

There are multiple references to an invisible Beast who seems to target them. In the end, it is revealed that the boys were the beast and they would hunt and kill each other and this kind of horrible and cruel manifestation is present in every human being. It only needs an outlet to come out. …

Welcome to the Dystopia

the official photoshoot of the cast of the society season 2
Featuring the talented cast of Society Season 2

The series takes place in the city of West Ham, which now is called New Ham. It is a symbol of an alternate reality that brings out the worst self of people. The show tells us that Dystopia is not limited to fiction but we all have the dystopian elements inside us. 

This new reality shows what people are truly capable of. The teenagers, whose lives were all about grades, exams or running off with friends, or ignoring curfew time, are now committing murders, abusing their classmates, and getting involved in heinous activities. New Ham itself becomes the Dystopia.  

A chaotic Hell

The young residents of West Ham come to realize that they need order if they have to survive. The brewing chaos created by some people will put the majority in much bigger problems than they can handle.

The show captures well the concept of the elusiveness of power and the thorny way to leadership. The constant shift of power and control dominates the narrative. It becomes difficult to maintain order in a town that seems to thrive on chaos. 

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Rise of Cassandra

The teens decide they need to have some sort of management and organization to make things work in this place, which looks like their home, but it is not so by far. Cassandra Pressman emerges as a leader of the community. 

With Cassandra rising, we see a grotesque power struggle among the young members of the community. They challenge, threaten, and ultimately kill Cassandra. 

While Cassandra was a pretty good leader, focusing on the basics of food, survival, community, and morale. Now this more or less proper form of leadership wasn’t liked by a lot of members and they shot Cassandra. 

Allie pressman: New Leader

featuring allie pressman and mickey from the series, the society
Showcasing Kathryn Newton and Damon J Gillespie

The next set of events spiral out quickly. The town holds a funeral for Cassandra. Allie, Cassandra’s younger sister goes there and breaks down while looking at the shrouded dead body of her sister. Now, Allie resumes the role of Leader.   

The show depicts with brilliance difficulties regarding leadership and how the line between leadership and dictatorship can be blurred quickly. Allie, as a leader, constantly faces challenges and criticism. She sees that others of the community are forming their alliance and are reluctant to follow her.

 After becoming the leader she seeks justice for her sister’s murder. In doing so, political platforms become a way to satisfy personal vengeance. 

Campbell rises as Villain

The finale shows a constant power clash between The Guards and Allie’s authority. Campbell rises as the main villain wants to seize power and throw Allie out of the community. 

Not surprisingly, Campbell is not alone. He has Lexie and Harry. Even though Harry initially was thought to be Allie’s love interest, now he is directly crossing Allie and plays a role in Allie and Will’s arrest.

It is also revealed that Greg and Campbell murdered Cassandra. Campbell is revealed to be a Psychopath(ps. It is his official medical diagnosis)

Nonetheless, the rulers may not be loved or admired but they sure would be feared for who they are.  

Elle Tomkins

The most complex character is, undoubtedly, Elle. She is a troubled person. Deeply insecure and always looking for a connection where she can express her vulnerable self is something she is always looking for. She got too close with Campbell. 

Later it is revealed that Campbell is a psycho who abuses Elle daily. Elle starts to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. She loses her perspectives and perceptions. Having no particular friend she is the one who suffers the most. 

The Society Season 2

featuring the teens from the society
Are the teens of The Society dead?

The Society has a huge ensemble of the young cast. Undeniably, all of them have done marvelous jobs regarding the portrayal of their respective characters. The show was a quick hit as soon as it was launched in 2019. 

Season 2 was much wanted by the audience as many things remain unanswered. The story ended on a cliffhanger, in season 1. Causing us plenty of shocks, Netflix has decided not to go forward with this show. 

Even though in 2020 it was declared that the show will be renewed for a second season, that is not the case anymore. 

The covid-19 pandemic has affected all areas of the business and the entertainment industry is no exception. Due to the pandemic, production costs increased a lot. 

In addition, the show has a large number of cast whose availability became an issue. All this prompted Netflix to cancel season 2. 

According to Newsweek, if required to conform with COVID regulations, the project would have gotten considerably more costly.

If there are any breakouts while shooting, it might prolong the process and cause schedule difficulties.

Both of these complicating variables had the potential of making Season 2 extremely expensive.

The Society writer Chris Keyser told Analysts a few weeks after the cancellation was announced that the move was “disturbing.”

He told the publication, “We spent the previous few months being willing to head back, complying with all the COVID regulations.”

“Then I received a call from Netflix, and they said, ‘We’ve made this choice.”

Rumored Season 2 Storyline

Season 2 would’ve seen the foundation of what we termed the outpost,’ and the ultimate battle between the outposts and the settlement over power, as per Keyser.

It highlighted a number of important concerns about how we treat one another and how we build hierarchies and a lower class.

It had significant political ramifications, as well as the formation of several new connections — as well as the resolution of issues about who was in control and who’s not.” 

Availability of The Society Season 1

Season 1 can always be watched on Netflix


The Society, initially seen as a teen drama, proved to be much more than that. The show covers problematic yet very basic ideas of civilization like Order, leadership, Rebellion, structure. and more. The socio-political issues have been at the focal point all along. 

The show interprets Goulding’s Lord of the Flies at the backdrop of a more advanced society that has supernatural occurrences happening in it. 

If you are into stuff like paranormal, alternative reality, power-mongering teenagers, and if you love modern interpretation of a classic, The Society Season 2 is right up your alley.

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