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The Secrets She Keeps Season 2: Release Date, Synopsis, Cast and Crew, and More!

The Secrets She Keeps season 2 is nearly upon us, getting from *that* sensational season 1 finale.

The series, which depended on the book of something similar by Michael Robotham, stars Laura Carmichael as a the lady child of Jessica De Gouw’s Meghan in season 1, yet who was in the end dealt with.

The primary season might have finished the book’s story when it reached a conclusion, yet it appears to be the bad dream isn’t over for Meghan at this time.

When Will the Secrets She Keeps Season 2 Be Released?

Coming a little more than two years after the Australian series originally circulated in the UK, the second season of The Secrets She Keeps will formally air on BBC One at 9:15pm on Saturday thirteenth August 2022, with the entire season then opening up on BBC iPlayer.

The full first season is likewise accessible on BBC iPlayer presently, meaning assuming you want to get up to speed with everything that happened with Agatha and Meghan you can do so at this moment.

All episodes will likewise be on BBC iPlayer, where the main season is additionally accessible. The show is additionally presently broadcasting on Paramount+ in Australia and will air on Sundance Now in the US. We will update this aide with a US air date when it is reported.

The Secrets She Keeps season 2

The Secrets She Keeps Season 2 – Who’s in the Cast?

Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael is back as stirred up Agatha Fyfle, who completed the abducting of child Ben in season one. In the interim Jessica De Gouw, most popular for Pennyworth and Vienna Blood, returns as Ben’s restless mum, Meghan.

The Vampire Diaries’ Todd Lasance assumes control over the job of Meghan’s double-crossing spouse, sports journalist Jack, from Michael Dorman, while House of the Dragon’s Ryan Corr is back as his closest companion Simon, who had a mystery throw with Meghan and might be Ben’s father. Assigned Survivor’s Cariba Heine is likewise back as Meghan’s sister Grace.

New faces incorporate Elvis’ Miranda Frangou as resolute understudy podcaster Lorelei King, who will remain determined to show an alternate side of Agatha’s story and secure an interview with a hesitant Meghan.

The Secrets She Keeps Season 2 — What Is Befalling Agatha?

It’s two years on and Agatha and Meghan are each finding it hard to adapt to the dreadful aftermath from what has happened, while they both before long have considerably additional stressing secrets to stow away.

Agatha is in a greatest security jail and on tenterhooks as she anticipates condemning for the kidnapping of child Ben and the murder of two other babies she recently grabbed.

She likewise keeps on being spooky by her disastrous past, which saw her fall pregnant as a young person when she was abused by a senior in her family’s congregation. After her child was detracted from her to be taken on, she likewise later brought forth a stillborn youngster.

A ton of her way of behaving is sketchy and she’s caused a ton of torment, however we comprehend the reason why she does these things. As an actor, that is the thing you need, to comprehend how a person got to where they are,” shares Laura. “

Agatha is in a position now where you can see the horrendous things that she has done, however you actually have mind boggling sympathy for her.”

The Secrets She Keeps season 2

Agatha is additionally being fiercely designated by wrathful individual detainees in jail, yet her life before long moves in another stunning new heading.

“She’s in prison, so it’s exceptionally upsetting and she’s weak there. Yet, she’s dependably looking for trouble,” prods Laura. “As a crowd of people, you keep thinking about whether this could be the second where things turn out for her. Be that as it may, for both Agatha and Meghan, their accounts take a sensational turn… “

The Secrets She Keeps Season 2 — What Is Befalling Meghan?

In spite of the fact that Ben, presently a baby, is securely home, Meghan is worried that his improvement has been unfavorably impacted, as he isn’t meeting the achievements that she accepts he ought to be, while her two more established youngsters are battling as well.

‘Season two is about the profundity of misfortune that these individuals endure,’ says Jessica. “In the main series we saw them go through horrible injury and presently, in season two, we see the result of injury and Meghan endeavoring to stop the cycle, which is a particularly troublesome thing to do. It’s a personal thrill ride.

To entangle matters, Meghan is upset by Lorelei’s ingenuity, while her significant other Jack is attempting to forestall his previous undertaking with domain specialist Rhea (Jenni Baird) from being disclosed, and Meghan is likewise endeavoring to conceal her own illegal contact with Simon, who is presently furtively dating Meghan’s sister Grace.

Yet, as the activity pushes ahead 10 weeks, why has a blood-stained Meghan been captured?

“Apparently it is very much a takeoff from the principal season,’ uncovers Jessica. “It’s dim and air. Everything without a doubt revolves around shadow and light, and we peer into these characters’ universes in a lot further manner.”

The Secrets She Keeps season 2

How To Watch the Secrets She Keeps Season 2?

For any The Secrets She Keeps fans living in the UK the second series of the hit show will arrive on your screens at 9:15pm on BBC One on Saturday August thirteenth. The excess five episodes of The Secrets She Keeps season 2 are then expected to be displayed consistently in that booking opening.

However in the event that you just can hardly hold back to perceive how Agatha’s preliminary plays out then won’t ever fear! 

While not totally affirmed, this proposes that very much like with BBC’s Chloe and The Control Room, the aggregate of The Secrets She Keeps season 2 could be made accessible to marathon watch however much you might want at your own speed.

In the event that you’re a Paramount+ supporter the show’s subsequent season was likewise made accessible to transfer on the help from July 2022, significance you’re a stride ahead with regards to every one of the greatest minutes and close to home bits of The Secrets She Keeps season 2.

The Secrets She Keeps season 2


Series two got from the principal season’s dangerous completion, which saw Aggie shipped off jail in the wake of swiping Meghan’s child from the clinic.

It’s been a long time starting from the main series debuted on the BBC and viewers took to Twitter to gripe about the shortfall of a recap toward the beginning of episode one.

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