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Aditi Narendra

Early in” The Rundown,” The Rock is accessing a café to defy some tough guys, and he passes Arnold Schwarz- enegger on the way out.” Have a good time,” Arnold says. It’s like he is passing the torch. Whether The Rock will compete in Schwarzenegger’s long run as an action idol is hard to say– but on the base of” The Rundown,” he has a good chance.

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I liked him in his first starring part,” The Scorpion King”( 2002), but only to a point;” On the basis of this movie,” I wrote,” he can surely star in pictures like this.” That is also true on the basis of” The Rundown”– but it’s a much better movie, and he has further to do.

The Rundown Cast  and Role

Dwayne Johnson Beck
Seann William Scott Travis Walker
Rosario Dawson Mariana
Christopher Walken Cornelius Hatcher
Ewen Bremner Declan
Jon Gries Harvey
Ernie Reyes, Jr. Manito
William Lucking Billy Walker
Antonio Muñoz Kontiki Rebel
Stephen Bishop Knappmiller
Arnold Schwarzenegger Bar Patron

The Runner Plot

He plays a man named Beck, a” reclamation expert” who in the early scene is trying to recoup a bad debt from an NFL quarterback. He does, beating up the entire protective line in the process. also his master sends him on another charge– to bring back his son, who’s nearly in the Amazon. The moment I heard” Amazon,” I perked up, because I am getting tired of action pictures shot entirely within Los Angeles County. Hawaii doubles for South America in the movie, and does a great job of it, supposedly backed at times by computer goods; and the jungle locales give the film a texture and beauty that underlines the outsized characters.

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Beck’s charge takes him to a city named El Dorado, run by the evil Hatcher( Christopher Walken, whose first appearance, as usual, cheers up the followership). Beck’s chase is Travis Walker, an ineffective fortune huntsman played by Seann William Scott, who, yes, is the same Seann William Scott who plays Stifler in the” American Pie” series. Then he has the same brassy in-your-face identity, has added- ed a beard, and is formerly again a natural ridiculous actor.

The Rundown Cast

So is The Rock, within the limits set by his character( there is some description of a shirking scale in action filmland in which the star can be comedic up to a juncture, but the alternate banana can go beyond that point). I liked, for illustration, Beck’s call to his master before beating up half the NFL platoon He does not want to barge on them because” They may have a chance to repeat.” Just about the foremost person, Beck meets in El Dorado is the bartender, Mariana, played by Rosario Dawson, who latterly sees a lot of action and is persuading in it, reminding me of a low-lying of Linda Hamilton in” The Terminator.” Have more beautiful lips ever been mugged?” I inquired in my review of her performance in” Chelsea Walls.” On the basis of her performance then, I suggest that the replication is” no.” Walken’s character runs El Dorado as the kind of company city where all your stipends go right back into the fund of the master( you have to rent your shovel by the day). Dawson’s character does not like this, but I’ll not reveal more. Scott’s character wants to find and nip an invaluable Indian relic that will free the Indians in some unidentified way, but not if he sells it on eBay first. The Rock’s character gets in the middle.

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Beck and Travis will inevitably become disoriented in the forest, but how can they manage this? The movie is quite straightforward: Beck crashes a Jeep, and he and Travis slide down a roughly nine-mile-long mountainside. I was brought back to a similar sequence in “Romancing the Stone,” and both films do share a similar sense of humor. Once they’re in the jungle, they go on all kinds of terrifying adventures. I liked that actual events were taking place and that we weren’t just seeing shootouts and chases but rather fascinating and risky endeavors.

The Runner Review

These days, Christopher Walken has a specialty: He enters the scene and delivers a shivering monologue that seems to emanate from some torrid recess of his mind. He made a riff about the law of the wild in “Poolhall Junkies.” He questioned whether aliens had abducted the judge’s brother in “Gigli” The locals find it extremely difficult to follow his torturous fable about the Tooth Fairy that he tells in this place.

The Rundown Cast

Additionally, he wears a hat that makes me think of the hat rule: Hero wears a regular hat, the sidekick wears a funny hat, and the villain wears an ugly hat. The actor Peter Berg, whose first film as a filmmaker was “Really Bad Things” (1998), which I thought was a very bad thing, directed the film.