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The Royals: A Fab 4 Reunion, This Is How The Reunion Went At The Commonwealth Day


David Mudd

This year has been full of Royal scandals and drama. After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they are stepping back from royal duties, the relationship between the royal family has been… awkward to say the least. Harry and William also seem to be on the rocky ground recently due to the same.

Here is our coverage about the Fab 4’s reunion on the commonwealth Day.


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The Royals: The Arrival Of The Fab 4

On Commonwealth Day, the royal family visited the church to celebrate the occasion. Along with the Queen and Prince Charles, the fab 4 were also present at the event. The photos from the event tell us about their arrival at the church.

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive first, Prince Harry wears a Blue suit with a light blue tie. Meghan wears a green dress which wraps around her shoulder along with a matching green head topper.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Just a few moments later arrive at the church. While Prince William wears a dark blue suit with a red tie, Kate Middleton wears a red dress to match the tie. At the arrival, the fab 4 do not meet each other but rather everyone else who is there at the event.

The Royals : The Fab Four Will Be Seen Again For The Commonwealth Day
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CR: Michael Courtney

The Royals: During The Event

Perhaps the only time that the Fab 4 talk to each other is while they are taking their seats for the event. Meghan and Harry sit behind William and Kate. While taking their positions, the four make eye contact and greet each other before sitting. However, after that, they seem to busy themselves with other people, making no further conversation.

William and Kate do turn back to talk to the Earl and Countess of Wessex for a while but do not include Meghan and Harry in the conversation. However, Harry and Meghan make their own conversation with the Earl and Countess later and seem unaffected.

The Royals: The Frosty Farewell

After the event, the fab four seem to make no conversation while leaving. It seems a bit heartbreaking, especially for the two brothers who just ignore each other for the event. This is also going to be Meghan and Harry’s last royal appearance before the couple steps down.

The Royals : The Fab Four Will Be Seen Again For The Commonwealth Day

However, jumping into conclusions is also not beneficial. Even though relations between the Royals seem rocky, who knows what the future holds anyway.