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What if you got an opportunity to be a part of an event in the royal palace? Well, this is something that nobody would miss out on. Right? Getting a huge offer and even having a chance to be in the palace, is the dream of every person. Something similar happens with Isabella, a hairdresser who got a chance to be a part of the royal wedding. The New York-based hairdresser got a chance to be at Prince Thomas’s wedding. But what happens after she goes there? Well, Netflix has already made a movie, The Royal Treatment, featuring Isabella and Thomas’s story. 

The Royal Treatment is a recently released movie on Netflix. It is one of those movies that will give you a lifetime of experience within one hour. The storyline of the movie attracts the audience toward it. since we all know that net face has been working hard on their romantic comedy shows and it is quite evident with the release of movies like The Royal treatment. The auditor platform has an enormous number of subscribers and the majority of the audience are attentive to the rom-com genre. As the popularity of the genre is getting huge, the OTT Platform is trying its best to come up with more such shows. 

One of the major things, why rom-coms get the most recognition, is because of their simple yet meaningful impact. We also learn how these movies are super affordable to make. In this article, we’ll be going to read more about the movie in detail. 

The Royal Treatment: Everything You Need to Know!

Rick Jacobson’s “The Royal Treatment” has recently been released on the OTT platform. Well, it’s not the first time Netflix announced some Rom-Com movies’ release on their platform. The platform has lightly gone bent toward its romantic genre and it is evident with the number shows the release on the same theme. 

Like Kissing Booth and Never Have I Ever, both the shows had an enormous fan following, while Kissing Booth was a smash hit for the platform and received mixed reviews, it was still watched by millions of people. Never Have I ever shared the same theme and being a multiple-season show, it has a high fan following. 

However, The Royal Treatment was a little different. The Rom-com movie stands out from rest of the Netflix’s shows because of its simple yet positive approach. The movie has received widespread recognition from fans and even critics admired the movie for its uniqueness.  The movie has a brilliant storyline and remarkable characters that have respectfully approached their role in the film. 

The film was released on January 20, 2022, and instantly became popular. It stars Laura Marano as Izzy and Mena Massoud and Prince Thomas. The film has made itself crowded on the Top category of the Netflix watch list. According to the report of Netflix, the Royal Treatment was the most streamed movie of the week of its release. 

Talking about the film, we know that it features a brilliant cast. In the next section, we’ll go through the amazing cast of the film and will take a look at them. Are you interested? Continue reading the article till the end. 

The Royal Treatment Cast: What it is About?

The Royal Treatment image

The Royal Treatment features Laura Marano as Isabella “Izzy” and Mena Massoud as Prince Thomas. The story majorly follows these two in the film. 

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Along with them, many characters add more drama to their love story. The Royal Treatment cast includes;

  • Chelsie Preston-Crayford as Destiny
  • Grace Bentley-Tsibuah as Lola
  • Cameron Rhodes as Walter
  • Jay Simon as Doug
  • Sonia Gray as Madame Fabre
  • Elizabeth Hawthorne as Nonna
  • Amanda Billing as Valentina
  • James Gaylyn as Nate
  • Paul Norell as King John
  • Teuila Blakely as Queen Catherine
  • Jacque Drew as Ruth LaMott
  • Phoenix Connolly as Lauren LaMott
  • Matthew E. Morgan as Buddy LaMott

The Royal Treatment Plotline: What can you expect from the story?

The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment is a simple yet meaningful movie, You can say that it is a bit predictable but that’s the beauty of the film. It follows Isabella (Laura Marano)  as the main lead who runs a hairdresser store in the city. She got a chance to be at the Royal event. As the movie, moves forward, we see how the two main characters come close and generate feelings. However, since Prince is already marrying someone and Isabella already knows about it, what would happen?

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The official synopsis of the movie reads, “Isabella (Laura Marano) runs her salon and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, while Prince Thomas (Mena Massoud) runs his own country and is about to marry for duty rather than love. When Izzy and her fellow stylists get the opportunity of a lifetime to do the hair for the royal wedding, she and Prince Thomas learn that taking control of their destiny requires following their hearts.”

How fans reacted to the film? 

The audience and fans admired the film and appreciate its storyline. One person wrote how the film is “As a made-for-Netflix RomCom”. It is one of those films that will make you feel pleasant. The fans added. “ I can only imagine that those giving low reviews here aren’t into rom-coms or perhaps fear being judged for watching them. My ego will not be bruised by admitting that I like watching a happy, fun rom-com now and then. This fits the bill with likable characters, some genuinely believable relationships, and some beautiful scenery. I rooted for this couple and appreciated that this movie DID NOT include a “woman hoping man will like her” “woman recovering from broken heart” or “two women fighting over one man” trope. Very refreshing. Also, the relationship between the two leads developed at a more organic pace than usual in this genre.”

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Another said, “there are some things about this movie that also have the dramatic fantastical fiction of a stage play or musical. Some of the New York scenes, the odd “across the tracks” part of the kingdom, and the two over-the-top friends who play dramatically unchangeable fish-out-of-water characters. I would say these bits of the film read like the type of caricatures one might be more comfortable seeing on stage than in the film. Here they often served to bring one a bit out of the story and remind us that we were watching a fantasy than to let us stay immersed.”

Is there any official trailer to watch?

If by any chance you have missed the official trailer of the royal treatment and don’t worry.  Netflix has officially released the trailer of the royal treatment. The trailer has been watched by millions of people. Here is the official trailer for you. 

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