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The Royal Family Drama


David Mudd

The Pretext

I’m sure all of you know how Meghan and Harry stepped down from this entire Royal Family enigma.

And I’m also sure about the fact that you know the very reason behind it.

They did it specifically so they could escape the intensely high expectations of the Prince’s family.

And ofcourse, to run away from the ever-so-bugging criticism of the British media.

But wait, is it really the case?

Meghan, of course, entered the situation with the expectation that the media would watch her every move.

And ofcourse when it comes to the royals, they would undeniably hold her accountable in regard to her conduct and decorum.

The Continuation

However, she didn’t expect that Buckingham Palace would do nothing to protect her from the intrusions of the British press.


Before they moved to America, Meghan and her husband apparently filed a complaint against the British media conglomerate that owns the Daily Mail.

And according to the document, Meghan is not only fed up with the press but also with the Royals.

Meghan’s lawyers say the Duchess of Sussex felt that the royals had betrayed her by refusing to come to her defence.

When, you ask? Well, during the publication of various news items that were later proven to be “untrue.”

The End

A source tells People that the royals were not singling Meghan out, as her lawsuit claims, but were instead following a longstanding policy of refraining from doing battle with the press.

This is basically what’s written in their system of behaviour and conduct.

According to her lawyers, this policy resulted in Meghan experiencing stress and if anything, this has caused her huge sentimental trauma.

She felt extremely unprotected by the institution.

However, the insider insists that the royal family decided on this policy long ago so as not to add grist to the rumour mill.


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