The Roundup: Everything We Know So Far About Its Sequel No Way Out


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Filming has started on The Round-Up: No way out. It is a sequel to the record-breaking Korean action movie The Roundup. The star and producer Don Lee who is also known as Ma Dong-Seok will return back in the franchise of The Roundup.

The previous movie of this South Korean franchise The Roundup has become the biggest hit of 2022 and earned $100 million. It was South Korea’s biggest blockbuster in 2022, so it is coming up with its sequel The Roundup: No way out.

the roundup

The movie will be distributed by K-movie entertainment and this is a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

This upcoming film will tell the story of Detective Ma Seok-do who cracks down on a group of Japanese Yakuzas who commit crimes in South Korea.

The lean villain in this film is Lee Joon-Hyuk and the Japanese gangster will be played by Munetaka Aoki. The movie will be directed by none other than Lee Sang-young who was previously directed by The Roundup as well.

What Will Be the Cast and Characters of the Roundup: No Way Out?

A detective, deputy leader of the Major Crimes Unit at Geumcheon Police Station.

A vicious criminal who has been kidnapping and murdering Koreans in Vietnam.

The team leader of the Major Crimes Unit at Geumcheon Police Station.

Gangster turned tour agent.

  • Heo Dong-won as Oh Dong-Hyun

A senior detective at the Major Crimes Unit of Geumcheon Police Station.

A member of the Geumcheon Police Major Crimes Unit.

The youngest member of the Geumcheon Police Major Crimes Unit.

  • Nam Moon-cheol as Choi Choon-baek

Choi Yong-gi’s father is a South Korean business tycoon.

Choi Yong-gi’s mother and Choi Choon-bank’s wife.

  • Lee Joo-won as Park Young-sa

South Korean Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.

Kang Hae-sang’s subordinate, Jang Soon-Cheol’s brother.

  • Kim Chan-Hyung as Jang Soon-Cheol

Kang Hae-sang’s subordinate, Jang Ki-Cheol’s brother.

  • Cha Woo-jin as Choi Yong-gi

Choi Choon-bank’s son was kidnapped and murdered by Kang Hae-sang.

  • Jeon Jin-oh as Yoo Jong-hoon

A self-surrendered criminal is a reason why Ma and Jeon initially go to Vietnam.

What Will Be the Plot of the Roundup?

Four years after the sweeping operation in Garibong-dong [N 1]Detective Ma Seok-do and Captain Jeon Il-man head to Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam to extradite the suspect Yoo Jong-hoon. After their arrival, they meet some Koreans living in Vietnam.

Ma interrogates Jong-hoon, who reveals that he turned himself in because Lee Jong-du tried to kill him. Ma and Il-man leave for Jong-du’s hideout, only to find him dead, where they learn about the duo’s involvement with Kang Hae-sang, a vicious killer who has kidnapped and killed Koreans and several tourists, in exchange for money.

Kang’s one such victim is a wealthy young Korean named Choi Yong-gi. Ma, Il-man and Park Chang-Su (the resident officer at the consulate) dig the garden, where they find Choi’s body, but the local police warn him to halt the investigation.

the roundup

Despite the proceedings, Ma and Il-man arrive at a gambling den, where they interrogate a Korean thug named Raku, and learn that Choi’s father Choi Choon-back, a business mogul has sent hitmen to kill Kang. Meanwhile, Kang arrives at the house, where he kills all the hired killers, who reveal about Choon-baek.

Ma arrives and overpowers Kang, but the latter escapes. Ma and Il-man are deported back to Korea, where they learn that Kang has smuggled himself and landed in Korea to meet Choon-back.

What Did Don Lee Say in Media Event?

“The Roundup: No Way Out’ finally started filming. I know a lot of people are looking forward to it, and we’ll try to meet their expectations by making an enjoyable film. Please show a lot of interest and love in this series,”

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What is the Release Date of The Roundup?

The Round film previously sold out in 132 countries all over the globe after its release in South Korea, North America, Taiwan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Phillippines.

The film was released on 18th May 2022on 2,521 screens. The movie was released in the Philippines on 22nd June 2022 by Raon Company Plus.

Though, the movie is banned from releasing in Vietnam by censorship authorities stating that – “there are too many violent scenes”

the roundup

Also, some speculated that it may be due to the negative portrayal of Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh City in the film.

The sequel of this movie is under production and its name is The Roundup: No Way Out. It will also direct by Lee Sang-young and produced by Big Punch Pictures, Hong Film and B.A. Entertainment.

Filming of the movie started on 20th July 2022. The story follows Detective Ma Seok-do who changes his affiliation from Geumcheon Police Station to the Metropolitan Investigation Team.

The sequel of The Roundup: No Way Out is scheduled to release in 2023.

Trailer –

Well guys, sadly trailer of sequel of The Roundup : No Way out is not released yet. Its too early to expect the trailer.  But you can enjoy the trailer of its previous movie which is The Roundup in below video –

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Roundup Based on a True Story?

The film stars Mélanie Laurent, Jean Reno, Sylvie Testud and Gad Elmaleh. Based on the true story of a young Jewish boy, the film depicts the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup (Rafle du Vel’ d’Hiv), the mass arrest of Jews by French police who were accomplices of Nazi Germans in Paris in July 1942.

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Where Can We Watch the Roundup 2022?

The Roundup 2022 is available on Universal’s Peacock website. The movie is available on this website four months after its release in theatres. After 10 weeks of that, the movie is available on a streaming platform like Amazon Prime Video.

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The Roundup is the biggest Korean hit in 2022. It ranked first position in South Korea’s top list. Now its sequel The Roundup: No Way Out is on its way to release in 2023. The movie is now in process of production.

We will surely update all information regarding this sequel as soon as we get it from official sources. Till then you guys enjoy this information and let us know your views regarding this movie.