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The Ritual Killer Ending Explained: Unraveling Enigmatic And Shocking Plot Of Thriller Movie!

Discover  The Ritual Killer ending explained in detail. Learn about Boyd’s (played by Cole Hauser) revenge, Mackles'(played by Morgan Freeman) motive, and the significance of consuming Randoku’s eyes. Read now to fully understand the conclusion of this gripping thriller

What Happened In The Ritual Killer Ending?

Randoku entices a bright and athletic Millsaps College student, Katie, and takes her to Shelby Farner’s (played by Brian Kurlander)estate, where she is offered a scholarship. Katie’s exceptional qualities pique Farner’s interest. Meanwhile, Boyd and Mackles are still looking for Randoku after Katie goes missing.

Mackles suggests that they look for her at Farner’s estate because Randoku and Farner may perform their ritual ceremony at a secret location there. This theory, however, does not hold water because Farner was already aware that the cops were after him and should have waited. Regardless, Farner decides to carry out his plan.

Boyd and the other detectives search everywhere for Randoku, especially near Farner’s estate, until they find a warehouse by the river. Boyd enters the warehouse alone, which is a mistake as he knows that Randoku is known to harm police officers. Fortunately, Boyd is able to locate Randoku and points his gun at him, but Farner strikes Boyd with a pipe.

Farner knocks Boyd unconscious, and Randoku attempts to kill Mackles, but the professor kills Farner before Randoku escapes. Mackles has gone missing, and Boyd discovers that he and Randoku are related because Mackles was once his teacher. Boyd and Lavazzi both receive a package from Mackles containing Randoku’s eyes a few days later.

What Can We Interpret From Ending?

The ending of “The Ritual Killer” is ambiguous, but it appears that Boyd wants to gain power by consuming the eyes. Lavazzi also receives a part of Randoku’s body, and Mackles implied that eating the eyes can grant the ability to see the future.

It is strange that Mackles has disappeared, and Lavazzi suggests that Randoku learned the Muti ritual from him. The possibility that consuming Randoku’s eyes may help Boyd with future cases is also raised.

Boyd’s decision to eat Randoku’s eyes may be his way of seeking retribution for the harm inflicted by the ritual killer on his partner Maria. As Mackles had already killed Randoku, Boyd may have felt powerless to exact his own revenge. By consuming Randoku’s eyes, Boyd may feel as though he is taking part in an act of vengeance in his own mind.

What Is The Role of ‘Muti’ in ‘The Ritual Killer’ and Randoku’s Use of It?

The ritual performed at the murder scene, according to Mackles, is an ancient African practice that bestows power. He defines Muti, which originally referred to medicine but has been used for centuries to gain strength and success.

Muti was once used by African warriors to enhance their abilities. Muti is the practice of using specific human organs to gain special abilities, such as using genitals to increase virility and bring good fortune.

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The ritual is carried out while the victim is still alive, as their screams are thought to summon the gods who bestow these powers. To gain access to these abilities, the client must consume the victim’s blood as well as the desired body part. Mackles also reveals a disturbing fact: Randoku murdered the two children to increase his power and will continue to do so for the benefit of his client.

Why Does Detective Boyd Eat Randoku’s Eyes?

Boyd follows Mackles’ note and consumes the pair of eyes that belonged to Randoku. Despite struggling to eat them, Boyd manages to swallow them. Mackles explains to Boyd about the muti ritual and how human organs are harvested for their clients based on their distinct effects.

Mackles tells Boyd that consuming eyes provides farsightedness and clarity of vision, which can be interpreted metaphorically as well. Mackles may have sent the eyes to Boyd to enhance his vision to correctly understand the gravity of situations, even when his superiors do not.

the ritual killer ending explained

He may want Boyd to have the ability to anticipate crimes and stop killers and other criminals before they cause harm. Mackles may be implying that the farsightedness and clarity of vision he wants Boyd to possess do not necessarily have to be physical, but rather an ability to see beyond the surface and comprehend the true nature of events.

Is Ronduku Dead?

Boyd’s investigation comes to a halt after he saves Katie and Randoku’s lives. He discovers that Randoku and Mackles were once acquainted but is unable to act because the professor has vanished. However, he receives an anonymous package containing a note from Mackles that reads “I GOT HIM” and a pair of Randoku’s eyes.

This implies that Mackles has dealt with the ritual killer personally. Mackles may have inadvertently taught Randoku the muti practice and then murdered him to prevent further murders using this knowledge.

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Marco Lavazzi, an Italian police officer, receives another anonymous package. The contents of Boyd’s package indicate that Lavazzi’s package also contains an organ belonging to Randoku, indicating that the ritual killer bled to death in the same way as his victims.

Mackles’ pursuit of Randoku may have been motivated by his guilt over his role in the ritual killer’s death. Mackles most likely killed Randoku to honor the victims and put an end to his killing spree.

Boyd Visions Explained

Boyd is troubled by recurring visions of his daughter drowning in a pond. When the team returns home after solving the case, it is finally revealed what happened to Boyd and his daughter.

Boyd and his daughter were near a pond one day when he took a short nap while his daughter sat on a wooden bridge. Unfortunately, due to her seizures, his daughter fell into the water and drowned before Boyd could wake up and save her.

the ritual killer ending explained

As a result of the tragic incident, Boyd’s wife constantly blamed him for his carelessness, resulting in frequent squabbles between them. The loss of their daughter was too much for her to bear, and she eventually committed suicide by shooting herself.

Boyd sleeps peacefully for the first time after returning from solving the case. During his sleep, he sees his wife, who apologizes to Boyd for killing her.

The Twisted Tale of Revenge and Clarity

“The Ritual Killer” is a story about a police officer named Boyd who investigates a series of murders connected to African rituals. The killer, Randoku, is hired by a mysterious businessman named Shelby Farner. Boyd consults with Dr. Mackles, who reveals the practice of muti, where organs are harvested for potions.

Randoku targets a young, intelligent person for Farner, but is caught by the police. Detective Boyd struggles with his career and seeks revenge on Randoku for nearly killing his partner. The story ends with Boyd receiving a package from Mackles containing Randoku’s eyes, which he eats.

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