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The Right Stuff Season 2: Cancelled By Disney+!

Are you finding the astronaut series which came on Disney+ for its new season? Looking for the second season of The Right Stuff which is based on Tom Wolfe’s book. Where is the team Mercury 7 who is chosen by NASA to become the first team to travel in space?

Unfortunately, The Right Stuff historical drama series was cancelled for the second season by Disney+ after one season. Before moving to Disney+, the series is set to air on National Geographic. The first season of this space drama premiered last year in October to provide space for the other series to release on National Geographic.

First The Mandolorian came and then The Right Stuff was picked up by Disney+ as the original drama but it didn’t gain and provide satisfaction for the platform to release one more season.

It is the first scripted show which was cancelled by Disney+ for its season 2 and talks with Warner Bros. Television. But this time they are looking forward to releasing the series on another platform or you can say that finding a new home to pick the series for further release.

the right stuff season 2

It was reported by Deadline that for the second season Disney+ is finding a way to release its new season so that they could continue the series with a new cast and moving the story further on with a new mission.

$13.7 million was given to this show to move from Florida to California for its new season but still Warner Bros. Television is finding a new platform to release the series.

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The Right Stuff Season 2: Release Date

Still looking for the release date of The Right Stuff Season 2, but unfortunately the new season was cancelled by Disney+ which left the audience sad.

But we are still hoping that any streamer or network will pick up the series in near future as Warner Brothers are looking for a new home to release this space drama but yet The Right Stuff is still not picked or announced by any network to pick up the series for the new season.

Is There Any Teaser For season 2 of The Right Stuff?

Sorry, there is no teaser or trailer for the new season of The Right Stuff as the series is cancelled by Disney+ after the first original season.

But you can still watch its first season official trailer which is given below-

The Right Stuff Season 1 Watch

You can stream the first season of The Right Stuff on different platforms like Apple Tv, Vudu, Disney plus, Amazon Prime Video and on Youtube.

the right stuff season 2

Last Lines

There is still no official announcement for the The Right Stuff season 2 pick up by any network and till then the series remain cancelled. The first season earned 6.8 ratings out of 10 on IMDB while it received 55% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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