The Retirement Plan Movie: Nicolas Cage is Coming Back With Another Action Film!


David Mudd

For his new action, The Retirement Plan movie, Oscar-winning Action star Nicolas Cage will appear with a large ensemble cast of well-known performers.

In addition to Cage, Ron Perlman, Ashley Greene, Joel David Moore, as well as Grace Byers include some of the cast members of The Retirement Plan play crucial parts. It has even been made known that the much-anticipated movie’s production began this year in the Cayman Islands.

Tim J. Earthy Brown, who also wrote and will direct the film The Retirement Plan, is well known for his work on the upcoming Buckley’s Chance with Bill Nighy as well as the horror thriller The Cradle with Lukas Haas for Productivity Media.

Through his involvement as a producer also on the Canadian television program Blood And Water, Brown is primarily recognized. The Retirement Plan movie, Brown’s fourth feature as a filmmaker, in addition to being Productivity Media‘s second investment in him, also supported Buckley’s Chance (2021).

Let’s see how much we know about the upcoming action film.

What Will Be the Release Date of the Retirement Plan Movie?

The Retirement Plan movie

The Retirement Plan is indeed the third movie made as part of a three-movie production agreement between Darius Films as well as Productivity Media that was filmed on the Islands. Blue Iguana, the first movie, is presently under post-production.

The Retirement Plan’s development is being shrouded in secrecy. Still, the casting appears to be almost final, as well as the description provides a good indication of what the viewers may anticipate from the intriguing action set on the sands of the Cayman Islands.

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The Retirement Plan would begin screening this year with a target release date of mid-2022. We learned about this through Deadline. Thus, the film is now under production, and several sources have verified that it will premiere on December 1, 2022. So just be sure to mark your schedules for this action movie starring Cage.

What Do We Know About the Action Film?

The Retirement Plan movie

In The Retirement Plan movie, the mother-daughter team gets caught up in a criminal operation and flees to the Cayman Islands to pursue the only person who can save them.

Inside The Retirement Plan, Ashley goes to her absent father Matt, who’s still apparently living the lifestyle of a former beach bum inside the Cayman Islands, for assistance when he and the young daughter Sarah become involved in a criminal business that threatens their lives.

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The reuniting is brief because criminal leader Donnie as well as his lieutenant Bobo quickly find them down on the island.

Ashley rapidly discovers her father used to have a shady past she was unaware of and that there was something more to her father than it first appears as she, Sarah, and Matt become embroiled in an escalating deadly web.

Nicholas Tabarrok, the co-producer, stated, “After completing the development of two movies right here in the Cayman Islands, I’m eager and happy to begin shooting the third movie as part of our three-movie arrangement.”

He continued, “I am very excited to see this action-packed drama come to life thanks to Tim’s script as well as the allure of working in a stunning COVID-free paradise.”

Who Will Be Seen in the Action-thriller?

The Retirement Plan movie

The storyline predicts plenty of gunfire and brawls with Nicolas Cage as well as Jackie Earle Haley squaring off on screen, featuring Ron Perlman, the Hellboy playing the antagonist.

The talented cast has a history of acting in fantasy movies, therefore they are not unfamiliar with an alluring action thriller.

As Cage remains best known for playing Ghost Rider, Haley performed Zack Snyder’s Watchmen‘s renowned anti-hero Rorschach, Perlman portrayed Hellboy in the initial two films, and Greene was indeed a member of the vampire action-romance movie series Twilight.

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Producing this exciting action movie, William G. Santor stated the outstanding cast and also how their involvement gives it soul, “The global reach as well as the renowned allure of Nicolas, Ashley, Jackie Earle Haley, Joel, Grace, Ernie, Rick and Lynn in addition to gifted newbie Thalia, is spot-on.”

He went on, “I’m pleased to announce that we were able to include a Ghost Rider, a Hellboy, as well as a Rorschach within the same movie, along with a Ghostbuster to control the Ghost Rider. It doesn’t get any better than all that! While we begin work on our third movie, the Cayman Islands administration has continued to lend us wonderful support.”

Trailer of The Retirement Plan!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a trailer for this Comedy filled action-thriller. So, let’s wait for some announcement by the Production team.


What are the main genres of The Retirement Plan movie?

The main genres of the film are Action, Comedy, Crime, and Thriller.

Who did the Casting for the movie?

The casting for the movie was done by Melissa A. Smith.

Who are the executive producers of the film?

Andrew Chang-Sang and John Hills are the executive producers of the film.


We all love those action features which represent the taste of comedy with a lot of adventure. This time we will get to see a lot of known faces coming together to make this perfect action-thriller called The Retirement Plan.