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The infamous Leatherface is back. Get all the info here, from cast to plot and where to watch. The Halloween season is incomplete without the serial killer vibes that send the shivers down the spine. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: a name that stands through the test of time in horror cinema, reminds us of the gruesome world created by Tobe Hooper back in 1974.

Fast forward to 2022, and the blood-soaked legacy was resurrected, reinvigorating the franchise while maintaining the essence that made it a cult classic.  Netflix recently dropped its ENTER IF YOU DARE collection in the wake of Halloween spirit and the collection features Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So, buckle up and get ready for a ride of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in this article. I will walk you down to the cast, plot and where to watch, so keep scrolling.


Genre Serial-Killer, Horror, Suspense
Cast Sarah Yarkin,

Elsie Fisher,

Mark Burnham,

Moe Dunford,

and many more

Directed by David Blue Garcia
Running Time 83 minutes
Premiered on 18 February 2022 
Distributed by Netflix


Netflix has other categories as well, and they are filled with the movies and series that can freeze your blood. Check out Netflix’ Horror Hidden Gems for such movies and series. We had a glimpse of some quick highlights of the movie. Let’s top it off with the cast and plot.

Plot and Storyline

Director David Blue Garcia took the helm in this reimagined tale of terror, carefully blending the classic elements of horror with a modern, fresh perspective. The movie is set in the abandoned Texas town of Harlow after fifty years of Leatherface’s killing spree in 1973. 

Young entrepreneurs Melody and Dante along with Melody’s sister Lila and Dante’s girlfriend Ruth come to Harlow to make money from real-estate flipping. Lila is terrified of guns as she is a survivor of a school shooting. Richter, a local mechanic, befriends Lila. 

Ruth is killed by Leatherface enroute to a hospital but she has texted Melody about the crash. After a while, Melody reads Ruth’s texts and prepares to leave with Lila. Sally Hardesty, the sole survivor of Leatherface’s previous killing spree and now a battle-hardened Texas Ranger, learns of Ruth’s attack and heads out to investigate.


A thunderstorm hits Harlow as night falls, and Catherine and Lila take cover in the bus with the buyers. Leatherface somehow manages to return to the orphanage, finding Melody and Dante there. Dante, and then Ritcher became victims of Leatherface’s chainsaw and were killed. Melody manages to get on board the bus, pursued by Leatherface.

The chainsaw yielder slaughters all the people aboard, including Catherine. Fast forwarding to the end, Leatherface kills Sally and drags Melody out of the crashed car before decapitating her with his chainsaw in the middle of the street. A horrified Lila watches as the self-driving car takes her out of Harlow. Leatherface dances in the street with his chainsaw and Melody’s head. Let me introduce you to the cast of this serial killer movie in the next section, so don’t go anywhere and keep scrolling down. Explore other Halloween categories of Netflix’ Enter If You Dare collection. Check out All the Scares Light On the Gore for heart-pounding thrills.

Casting and Characters

The nail-biting plot of the movie is taken to a whole new horizon by the stupendous performance of the cast. The franchise’s characters are taken from Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper. The horror thriller has Mark Burnham as Leatherface, a masked chainsaw-wielding murderer and the center of the TCM franchise. John Larroquette reprises his role as the film’s narrator, having provided the voice-over for the original film, the 2003 remake, and its prequel.

 The sole survivor of the carnage was Lila, played by Elsie Fisher. Lila’s sister Melody was characterized by Sarah Yarkin. Lila’s friend Ritcher was Moe Dunford and the investor Catherine was played by Jessica Allain. The only survivor of the 1973 killing spree was Sally, brought to life by Olwen Fouéré.

Where to Watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

The film hit the big screens on 18 February 2022.  The trailer of the movie was released on YouTube on Netflix’s official channel on 6 December 2021. Stream the trailer on YouTube. You can immerse in this spine-chilling and blood-curdling movie on Netflix. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is stacked up in the THIS PLACE IS EVIL collection on Netflix.

A Frightening and Promising  Future: What Lies Ahead for the Franchise?

With the success of the 2022 adaptation, the future of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” franchise looks promising. The film perfectly struck a balance between its legacy and carved a new path, creating a solid bedrock for potential sequels and spin-offs. Fans can only speculate about the nightmares that await further in the franchise, but one thing is certain – Leatherface has once again claimed his throne as one of the horrifying icons.


The infamous chainsaw-wielding Leatherface once again graced the big screens, promising a spine-chilling experience that ended on a cliff-hanger. The film explored themes like the darkness of human nature, highlighting the horrors that people are capable of when pushed to the edge. As we eagerly await the next chapter in this blood-soaked saga, one thing is clear – the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is far from over, and the nightmares it inspires will continue to haunt our dreams for years to come.

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