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The Resident Season 5: Plot | Release Date


David Mudd

The Resident is an American medical drama that focuses on the lives of doctors at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Their battle with the system and trying to save lives serve as the main plot. The series is created by Amy Holden Jones, Roshan Sethi and Hayley Schore. The Resident Season 5 will be a must way!

We have all heard about those great doctors whose life changed completely after one life-changing incident of decision. This is where the show comes in and steals your heart. The show does not only focuses on the skills of doctors but also their limitations and failures. It enhances the fact that Doctors are human too. 

 The hit series has already launched 4 seasons and a new 5th season is coming soon. It will carry forward the journey of these doctors who are trying to do their best for the sake of their patients.

Adaptation of The Resident Season 5

The Resident is based on the book Unaccountable by Dr Mark Marackey. 

Plot of The Resident Season 5

The show s based on an idealist young doctor who starts his training under the guidance of a tough yet brilliant resident. The various sides of medical sciences, the thin line between life and death, the ethical issues of the doctors regarding the health care system are the matters that the drama covers.

Medical dramas are always quick to grasp attention. This one too is no exception. Good storytelling, lots of dramatic moments and a talented cast have kept the show going for almost 4 years and a new season is about to come. 

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A quick recap of season 4 

a glimpse from the resident season 4
Featuring a glimpse from The Resident!

Season 4 was full of powerful moments. The main characters Conrad and Nic become parents in this season. They become parents to a beautiful baby girl. Jack and Gregg decide to be adoptive parents to Sammie. Billie gave up her son for adoption years back. After all these years he shows up on her doorstep. 

Dr Cain after surviving a near-fatal accident saves Aj’s mother. And finally, both doctors settle their differences. Dr Okafor settles in Nigeria instead of waiting to be deported. Dr Cain leaves the hospital. 

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The Cast

the main leads of the resident season 5
Featuring the protagonists of The Resident Season 5

Barrett Cain 

Cain’s character is the one that remained pretty much the same for 3 seasons and in the 4th one goes through a transformation. When he meets with an accident, it changes him. Money-oriented ruthless super-surgeon seems to have a heart after all.  

Morris Chestnut played the role of Dr Cain. Even though Chestnut contributed a brilliant performance, he will not be a series regular anymore but rather will be shown in critical moments as a recurring character.

Conrad Hawkins 

He is the titular resident.  He is tough, demanding and sassy. He believes he must show the cruel and practical aspects of the medical profession. He is hard to keep with and even harder to work with. His intern Devon Pravesh did not have it and considered even getting a different resident. 

It is much later that Devon realizes that Conrad is a kind and caring doctor who has seen the horrors of the healthcare system and failures up close. His tough attitude might stem from his experiences as a war medic.

Nicolette Nevin 

Nic is at present Conrad’s wife and a mother to their baby daughter. She had a complicated relationship with Conrad. They broke up before for some unknown reason. In later seasons they find their way back to each other and get married.

Billie Sutton 

Season 5 may start with her reaction. Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger that showed Bille’s son whom she gave up on adoption, tries to contact her and shows up at her doorstep. 

This smart and brash surgeon has some challenging experiences lying ahead. We hope to have more of her in the season.

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Release Date of The Resident Season 5

Season 5 will be released on 21 October 2021

Available on 

The show can be seen on Fox and Star World, Disney+ hotstar and Amazon.

The Resident Season 5

the cast of the resident season 5
The Resident Season 5 and its amazing cast!

Matt Czuchary who plays the lead of the show is well known for his role Cary Agos in The Good Wife. In The Resident, he proves his impeccable skill once again. Emily Vancamp who played the lead in Revenge plays Nurse Nic Nevin in this show. She is an integral part of this talented cast. Other brilliant actors include Manish Dayal, Jessica, Malcolm Jamal-Warner and Bruce Greenwood.


The Resident is one of those medical dramas that try to work with a minimalistic approach, avoiding over dramatic scenarios. Rather, they have chosen subtle moments of real and practical experiences based on events that can happen to anyone.

Have you watched this show before? Do you have a favourite special moment of the show? Who is your favourite character? We would love to know your thoughts. Drop your comments in our comment section below.