The Relationship Between Leonardo Dicaprio, 48, and Model Vittoria Ceretti



The Relationship Between Leonardo Dicaprio, 48, and Model Vittoria Ceretti, 25, is Much More Than a “Passing Fling”

Leonardo DiCaprio has a new girlfriend, and Page Six can report that things are getting serious.

We’ve heard that the famous actor, who is 48 years old, is now dating the model, who is 25 years old.

In the past few months, the couple has been seen on a few dates in the US and abroad. This has led to rumors that they are having a casual summer fling.

But a person who knows both of them well says that they are the real deal.

The insider says, “They’ve been spending a lot of time together in the past few months, and they’re enjoying getting to know each other better.”

DiCaprio and Ceretti were first seen together in public on August 9, when they went to a hot club in Ibiza, Spain. Who Is Eden Polani, Teen Model Spotted With Leonardo DiCaprio

“Titanic” star and the Italian beauty kissing and partying together at the exciting H Ibiza club.

DiCaprio seemed to be having a great time as Ceretti danced playfully with him under the neon lights of the club. Check Leonardo DiCaprio Car Collection.

A few weeks after their wild night in the Spanish club, the two decided to go to California for a much more relaxed date.

When they were in Santa Barbara, DiCaprio and Ceretti were seen getting ice cream and iced coffee.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, dating model Vittoria Ceretti, 25 (1)

An onlooker said that the two had a “vibe” during their date on August 22. He or she told us, “The way they were talking to each other…. The energy was there.”

Since then, DiCaprio and Ceretti have moved their relationship back to the UK. Last week, an onlooker saw the two of them at the Vogue World: London party together.

A spy told that Leo and Vittoria talked and danced with each other all night.

“From what I can see, their relationship is much more than a one-night stand.”

A different source says that DiCaprio was seen cheering on Ceretti while she walked the runways at Milan Fashion Week. Have A Look At Leonardo Dicaprio Movie With Its Plot.

The fashion model used to be married to DJ Matteo Milleri, who lives in New York. We now know that they are no longer together.

DiCaprio, on the other hand, was in a long-term relationship with actress Camila Morrone for four years before they broke up in August 2022.

TheWolf of Wall Street actor then got used to being single by playing the field with supermodel Gigi Hadid, with whom he had a non-exclusive fling, and hanging out with several bikini-clad beauties on boats before getting serious with Ceretti.

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