The REAL Reason Behind Why Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Want Her Daughter To Be A Singer!



Everyone knows the famous Kelly Clarkson! The Great singer and songwriter has already made her big name after working in the Hollywood industry and releasing some of the epic hits. Kelly Brianne, known professionally as Kelly Clarkson, is an American singer, songwriter, author, and television personality, who started her journey after winning American Idol in 2002.

Ever since then, the singer has remained one of the most prominent ones among the people. The celebrity who made it into the entertainment world, by being one of the most talented contestants of American Idol and winning the title of American Idol: The Search for a Superstar. After winning the series, she signed with their record label and became an instant success.

However, it has been believed that her breakout came after she parted ways with the American Idol image in 2004.

Clarkson was Married to Brandon and had Two kids!

 The incredible singer who became famous after being a great singer recently, had an interview where she revealed that she hopes that her two children, specifically her daughter River, don’t choose the same profession as her. After her interview went viral, fans were shocked over the comment made by an incredible singer, who didn’t want her daughter To follow the same profession as hers.

Kelly Clarkson was married to Brandon Blackstock, a talented manager of hers. Their marriage initially came to light in 2013 when the couple got married and will remain till 2020. The couple finally divorced in 2022 and after that she has remained active in the entertainment world.

Her relationship status is currently unknown. With Blackstock, Clarkson gave birth to 2 children. River, one of her daughters, was born in 2014 while her other kid, Remi, was born in 2016. Over several interviews, she has revealed that he wants to be a supportive mother and wants her kids to follow anything that they want. However, she doesn’t wish to push her kids towards something that she does.

Clarkson wished her kids to be Tone Deaf!

Ongoing the talks regarding her wish for her kids to not have the same profession in the music industry, she made a staring remark where she wished her kids to be tone deaf!

“I seriously hope they are tone-deaf,”

The singer continued her talk by saying, “I get so excited and I’m afraid of what kind of mom I would be. “I think I would be my mom… She would be like, ‘I have heard better but it was solid!'”

Upon being asked if her kids wished to be in the music industry, she said, “I mean, I’m not going to push,”

Clarkson wants to be a Supportive Mother

The mother of two kids revealed in an interview that she wishes the best for her kids, She wants to be supportive towards her kids, just as her mom used to be.

“I’m not the parent–whatever you want to do, it’s hard for me to sit here and go, ‘Don’t do this because it’s a hard industry,’ because I’m in it. But, I do think kids that grow up in it, it’s hard for them not to be inspired by it or want to be a part of it. So I understand it if they do.” Clarkson added.

Adding a tone of sarcasm, she continued saying “But also,” she added, only half-joking, “be a teacher, or a doctor, or anything else.”

Over time, fans have loved her for her remark however, we can also see that her remark has gained the attention of many controversies, where people call her for forcing things. The singer has released some of the amazing hits like “Stronger,” “Since U Been Gone,” and “Breakaway.”

She has an amazing talent with a powerful voice that makes everyone obsessed with her. In her popular song  “You Don’t Make Me Cry,” she reveals how she wishes her daughter to be a doctor or teacher.

“She’s five years old on this track–that’s how old this song is. I recorded it that long ago.”

“[River Rose] came into the studio and said, ‘Can I sing?'”

“And so, my producer took my vocal off completely and let her sing on the track. It’s so cute. She calls it ‘her song,’ by the way. ‘Can you play my song?’ Even my song {Remington] says, ‘Can you play River’s song?'”

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